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I ate the, United States
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Hi, see mi avatar? its awesome. I wish I could have a cat with an SMG. hobbies: eating squirrels and blaming it on dogs, sniping presidents, and kicking gators. just kidding

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Feb 22 2010 8:58PM
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! tell all of your friends, people u know, or just message some random person to view my profile,
and tell them to tell evryone they know to view my profile. Im tryin to get alot of views
Feb 22 2010 8:38PM
get unbored
Im bored I dont want you to share my bordom so here is a list of good websites.

battlefieldheroes com
mostfungames com duh
addictinggames com
aqworlds com tried all these sites and still bored? TOO BAD!
Feb 22 2010 8:22PM
If ur 2 blind 2 figure out wat my avatar is, its a cat with an AK.


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