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lost in my mind, Afghanistan
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taken by my babii gurl<3

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Jan 23 2011 4:48PM
Jan 19 2011 7:46PM
my bestfriend
i made a new bestfriend and her name is emily luv yu emily<3
Dec 25 2008 11:27PM
Special Girl
Its the ridaz yeah
im looking for that special girl
my super woman

Dear lord
on my knees can you hear my prayers
is she really out there i need to know
cause my whole life
ive searched the whole world
looking for that special girl
Dear lord
on my knees can you hear my prayer
is he really out there i need to know
cause my whole life
ive searched the whole world
let me be your special girl

cant wait to see your face
and the way that you smile
the one to hold tight when your days are down
if you need a shoulder you can count on me
thats the kind of man that i wanna be
are you out there let me know
i searched the whole wide world
until i find that someone, my special girl
if you know who you are
just make yourself see
i need that super woman
that only exist in my dreams
keep you warm and close
kiss from your head to your toes
as our feelings keep growing
and will never get old
take a chance with my love
baby i want you so bad
cause real love is something that i never had
i know ill find you someday
my heart will never give up
soon we will be together and no longer apart
'til that day comes ill be searching for you
just remember pretty girl
this rida loves you

i need someone who's gonna be there for me
a real woman
who understands,and loves and respects a man
and knows sometimes that i cant be at home
ill never lie and desieve you
always trust and believe you
are you really out there i need to know
im tired of the lonely nights
cause all i want is a happy home

and to see you an me smiling for the whole world to see
cause all i really need
someone who's gonna ride for me
no matter the situation that we facing
you'll be by my side
ready to lay it all on the line
all im asking for is your love and affecttion
your hugs and kisses just to know you miss me
when im gone
and when i need you the most you're just a phone call away
my best friend on the other end
telling me everything will be okay


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Feb 27 2011 7:47PM

babiii boy (:
i luv u so much babii
Nov 21 2009 10:58AM

Long Time No Talk??xD Haha Well Yeah Mann Showing Some Loveee=D Hehe Laterr
Nov 2 2009 5:17PM

i still love ma long lost baby daddy hahha
Oct 27 2009 7:50PM

hey wats up homie i miss u we haven't talk for a long time
Sep 23 2009 11:13AM

Daddy!!=) I Missed Yhu Hehe Jkn Well Yeah Come And Talk To Me Sometime...We Need To Cath Up..Hahha Loves Yhu! Hahah
Sep 6 2009 8:20PM

i love you sexy :)
Apr 28 2009 6:49PM

hay babe i love you..
Apr 9 2009 8:21PM

yo ese just showin sum respect iight homes
return it iight pice
Feb 9 2009 5:21PM

of course lolz
Feb 5 2009 10:00AM

Hey Dad! Lol Got Any Cash?? Lol I Need Money! I Wannah Go Tu Dah Movies Tonight!xD Haha Well G2g Loves Youh Alot! Byeee=)
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