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TAE KWON DO RULES!!! I am as skinny as a stick and I follow the Old Code of Honor. I don't mind physical pain, but emotional pain is my Kryptonite. I also enjoy Sudoku and reading. I like hugs and to cuddle. Never kissed a girl. Born feb 7th...

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Mar 8 2010 1:40AM
Second that notion!
The jonas brothers are GAY. they all have boyfriends - their brothers. They **** each other up da ass.
And no, i dont have anything against gay people. just the jonas brothers Bet i can find at least 20 people on here who agree... if you agree copy/paste this on your blog
Mar 6 2010 1:01AM
wow, it's true
you don't know what you have until you give it up
Mar 5 2010 10:00PM
my head hurts...
sorry i've been gone so long, work has been really rough.
Feb 22 2010 7:49PM
Quote of the Day
2/22/10: "To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater." - Bono
Feb 22 2010 1:36AM
one wound....
of all the possible wounds one can recieve...
only one can kill the spirit and leave the body undamaged...
Feb 21 2010 9:04PM
oh dear, 7 days without this... Quote of the Day
2/15/10: "You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails." - Unknown
2/16/10: "If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both." - Native American Proverb
2/17/10: "You already possess everything necessary to become great." - Proverb of the Crow Tribe
2/18/10: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao Zedong
2/19/10: "The wisest men follow their own direction." - Euripides
2/20/10: "One doesn't discover new lands without losing sight of the shore." - Andre Gide
2/21/10: "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave." - Proverb of the Dakota Tribe
Feb 14 2010 10:05PM
Quote of the Day
2/14/10: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." - Confucius
Feb 14 2010 1:50AM
Feb 13 2010 9:53PM
2 Quotes of the Day
2/12/10: "If General Jackson wants to go to Heaven, who is going to stop him?" - A Slave belonging to Andrew Jackson, Sr at his death

2/13/10: "The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened." - John F. Kennedy
Feb 11 2010 5:59PM
Quote of the Day
2/11/10: "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes


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Apr 27 2010 12:00AM

get ur lil ass on I misserz chuu :D (:<
Mar 23 2010 1:06AM

D: I miss you! get ur ass on >:]
Feb 27 2010 3:01AM

hey i CANNOT i mean CANNOT tlk to u anymore sorry...peace
Feb 18 2010 3:00AM

Seth,Please get on soon...love yeww
Feb 14 2010 3:59PM

Happy Valentines day i love yeww buddeh!
Feb 14 2010 12:41PM

Feb 9 2010 7:10PM

Heyy!showin ur page some buddeh love<3<3 iloveyewww(buddeh<3)
Lovely Life
Feb 7 2010 10:46PM

happy birthday!:D
♥Suga Boo♥
Feb 7 2010 10:30PM

Happy Birthday my love!
I <3333333333333 you!
Comment back.
-Love taylor 8)
Feb 7 2010 8:18PM

Happy Birthday!!!
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