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Rome, Italy
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It's Anthony! I changed profiles so add this one!My nic-name is Scooter. I am now bi. I have a real life girlfriend so i'm taken. Italy is where i wanna live but I live in Syracuse, New York. Thats it right now haha =) The site is really funny WATCH IT AL

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Jul 27 2009 3:20PM
Well i got news...sorta. Anyway i got a real life girlfriend so i'm taken cause if i got a gf/bf on here to me that feels like cheatin...idc what you think its just me =) yea thats all that mattered to me on this Monday July 27th
Jul 25 2009 11:00AM
Uh oh
well i'm bored again lol feel out of the loop so ima be gone for awhile i yea cya whenever
Jul 23 2009 11:07AM
His mama say whatttt!!?!
lol well your probably wonderin how i came up with my well **** you i'm tellin you anywayz....well i DJ for people and my nic name is Scooter so....DJ Scooter!!! lol the 17 is my football Jersey so there's your history on my name xDDD
Jul 23 2009 9:56AM
Zomg!!! lol
hey i'm on sorta might be afk i dunno i just wanna see how many people view my profile in a day if i stay signed in lol so yea but i'll probably not actually be here so if you message me or somethin sorry xDD
Jul 22 2009 9:24PM
Wow again haha
i'm bored haha so i'm signing off for the night xD cya
Jul 22 2009 9:18PM
Who to pick!!
I'm single but i like 2 guys..who to pick lol
Jul 22 2009 3:12PM
this sucks everyone is fightin with themselfs its stupid really...
Jul 22 2009 11:29AM
lol so this is my new account with my awesome name =) so yea look foward to usin it and thanks to Kyllee for my first friend! lol well first to add me xD


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Jul 29 2009 10:22AM

3rd comment. better than anyone else!!! :D
Jul 25 2009 3:17PM

lol its okies and thanx and 2nd comment
Jul 22 2009 1:33PM

First comment!!
And first add!!

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