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Im sexxy!no im not full of myself i just get told that alot! i love sports. reading and lots of other stuff!my favorite animal is the wolf!duh! i love the colors black and red! i would tell u other stuff but i dont no u!<"=3

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May 27 2008 11:24PM
the amazing flying binder!
me and my brother always walk to school together and t alk about the strangest things...like what color my underwear is .... or umm how dorky he is...or other insanely funny stuff that always gets me hyper.
so today we are walking and we always mess around and hit each other...and today we were crossing a crosswalk and there was a bus load of kids so i said jacob, lets show a good example for these kids and not hit each other...and of course does he listen ... no. he tries to sidekick me and i move my foot so it catches his and he trips his binder goes flying into the bus and we r laughing our heads off!itt was funyier if u were there
May 17 2008 11:01PM
Wyoming road trip!
OKay so im on vacation in wyoming ! for a family reunion. today was my great grandfathers birthday and we are celebrating it. hes around 89 years old and since we live so far away it will probably b the last time that we see him. the only reason we come out here is for him so i dont know if i will ever see any of theses relatives again which is depressing cuz they r awesome! the sights are so wonderful. today why we were driving around to see stuffs we saw prarie dogs! they r soooo cute! there was on of them in the road and a car was in front of us and it hit the poor thing! i was about to kick my mom out of the drivers seat, go full speed ahead and play monster trucks with the little car...since we have a ford...excursion! muahahaha !!! i kept wanting to stop and run around and hike for a while but there was nowhere to park! so i was like 'ill drive the car into a ditch!' thats funny beacause the first time they let me drive we were turning on a block and my mom said left ... left! so when she said left twice i thought i was going the wrong way but apparently i was turning to slow.wateva! so i turned right full speed at a sign ...thank god my mom turned and we just barely hit the sign! so we drove into the ditch...and my brothers were in the back of the truck and my little bro hit his shin and was crying like...hello ...and my older brother was like'WHAT THE *bleep* U FREAKING MORONIC REATARD IM GONNA KILLL U!'and we had a gallon of gas in the back and he got covered in it! it was hysterical! any way back to the trip...we were hangin out with old ppl most of the time and to tell u the truth it was pretty fun! my sister as usual was u no bein a ...u no... so yea... also we went up to the waterfalls! it was awesome caz there was sno every were still and of course i got in the river fell and got soaked...my little brother kept throwing snowballs at me so i get out of the river and pushed him in.! it was fuuunnny!


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