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Mar 17 2018 3:34PM
ever see your life flash before your eyes and you just want to log on to a message from that one person that can make your life worth living? mhm me too
Mar 17 2018 3:30PM
I've been constantly sleeping and tired lately I go to bed tired and I wake up tired. I've nearly fallen asleep behind the wheel of my car. I've fallen asleep during a lecture in class. A lot of you will say "oh you're just not getting enough sleep" that's bull**** because I can go to bed at 7 in the evening and not wake up until my mother has to literally drag me to wake me. So I went to the doctor yesterday they will be testing me for A LOT because it could be 3 different things. Two of the things can be treated. The last thing can't be. So I'm waiting for results and I'm praying for the best because it's not normal for a 20 year old to sleep all the time.......also got a call yesterday and something came back in my tests so I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday to find out what the hell is wrong with me...
Jan 24 2018 8:58PM
so here is a little update on meh well I have almost survived my second week of college even though I have been a complete mess lol but I'm slowly adjusting to it. I have made 4 new friends so woo go me. that is a record for me I swear it. um hit me up anytime. :)
Feb 17 2016 12:21PM
back to surgery i go on March 2nd.
Jan 29 2016 7:56AM
It's been forever since i have been on here lol c:
Jan 6 2016 8:12AM
finally 18
Dec 14 2015 9:56AM
for the past year i have been messed up a lot, but I'm getting back on track, I think :)
Dec 8 2015 8:32AM
I've been a wreck lately..
Dec 4 2015 12:19PM
hehe <3
when my crush let's me hug her from behind doe <333
Nov 17 2015 1:52PM
I'm slipping away day by day


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Jun 1 2016 5:01PM

Hey Dest im proud of you for graduating... you did it!!!
Jun 4 2015 8:16PM

Sorry just seen your comment, but you too! Shoot me a message if you need me or just want to talk sometime.
Sep 26 2014 12:27PM

okay? no you deserve to be perfectly happy :* and okay talk to you later :P
Sep 26 2014 12:24PM

I'm really good now that you're talking to me :* wbu?
Sep 26 2014 12:22PM

oh ya know the good ole homework :/ yippie lol wbu?
Sep 26 2014 12:21PM

anytime sweet thang :*
Sep 26 2014 12:19PM

hope your knee feels better soon boo :*
Sep 26 2014 12:15PM

it's okay hun maybe some other time :*
Jul 28 2014 6:43PM

guess im gonna half to come to ur house in order for u to talk to me
Jul 28 2014 4:11PM

until you take me back I'll make sure ur life is a living hell and I'll make sure u NEVER have love unless its with me!
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