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???? cant say, United States
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i play baseket ball,soccer,golf,tennis,swim team at 5:00 am every summer day,piano,guitar, and starting softball and + skiing and karaty i love too sing as well

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Mar 30 2008 8:22PM
hi every one i have a band and it is so cool and i am having a contest but what i meen who should i pick a boy with a hot and cute look his name is BLAKE HAM i love him and who else or griffan or maybe andrew here look below

blake: okay he is a christan an cute plus nice good languge and has a great grade plus is awsome at sports i love him>>>>
or griffan: he is okay not great with languge and well hes my neighbor even worse than a school person even thow blake is in 5th grade and i am in 3rd not mucm away

Andrew not awsome all he does is sports and well you know a JOCK anyways he is great with math and as straight A++"s on that you know a geek i love math but all he is a JOCK/MATH FREAK/A GRAT kisser trust me i know PS. help me vote choose now please !!!!!!!!!!
Mar 28 2008 4:29PM
hi sorry
hi any one who the 19 years old i am sorry i am really 9 years old see what happend was i am born in 1998 and i by acedent clicked edit profile and then clicked 1988 insted of 1998 i messed up sorry about that i cant get 9 years old back on it !!! OOPS i am so so so so sorry
Mar 28 2008 4:15PM
Schools find one here
if you need a school you 3rd graders well next year at Denver Christan we are looking for more people so applie now or you will not get too go check in with either Mr.DeNoe or Jane Zienment okay well later
Mar 28 2008 4:12PM
Schools! find one here
so if you are interested in a school with sports and friends go to Denver Christan + if you love people okay we need new 4 rth graders so next year you third graders aplie please we need you!!
Mar 28 2008 4:08PM
Jammie is a good friend she is loyal and pretty i like her a ton and same with cuttiepie she isa nice girl and i think she could be any ones friend Rock on Jammie and cuttiepie


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Apr 1 2008 6:14PM

hey just drop bi 2 leave ur second comment
Mar 31 2008 9:30PM

hay waz up

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