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This. Right here. Is my. Page. Don't. Worry. About. My age. Hatass. Can. Suck. Ma dikk. Same dikk. I'm fuckkin'. Yo' broad. With. : ) Louise I love yu till the end of time; and I mean thtt!♥ - - > asdfghjkl;' : ☺+☻=♥

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Aug 3 2011 3:54AM
Well. Damn.
Idk how to start this off..It's crazy how I'm up at 2.40am thinking abt yu. (hardcore thinkin' ), it's crazy how I've stayed in touch wiff yu after 2 years, its crazy how I thought I couldn't love yu anymore than I do, but i fall more and more in love with yu every time we talk. Like I honestly effin love yu. It kills me sometimes. I'm pretty sure yu gotta man in ur life, I wudn't b surprised [whtt dumbass wudn't wife yu up] Tell him I said wassup foolio. Sht.. it's like hella things I'm trying to say but can't sum up the words. Even now, I feel all weird inside, I can't explain it. But yu mean the world to me =' ) I never really thought I would feel like THIS. my insides are vibrating like i gotta vibrator in me -_- (no homo. Pause.) IF we can never be together, being bffs' is sorta like the same thing. Nonetheless I'm grateful for yu either way. Damm, long ass paragraph, feel like I'm back in school lols. I love yu, forever & ever & ever. no matter whtt.
El Ohh Vee Eee I love yu, there's not a thing I wudn't do for you : ) I love yu! ☺+☻=♥
Feb 5 2011 7:22AM
Hey Everyone!
Man I miss everybody yo.. I would come on more often but all the ride or dies don't ... = | .. Anyways hope everybody's doin well. I'm a hold it down on my side, hope y'all do the same.

Jay. : )
Jun 21 2010 12:42PM
One nineeee(:

ps. thts 19 for the slow ppl Lol. THAT MEANS YOU GULLIBLE LOU AND DOODER LOLLL.
Jun 6 2010 11:59AM
1. I love: myself
2. Right now I want : myself....so bad(;
3. I feel like : jay?
4. I hate it when: i dont look in the mirror at myself
5. I fear... being blind bkusz then i cnt see myself
6. I'm lonely without... myself
7. I need... to love myself more
8. Today I... had funn looking at myself
9. Tomorrow I'm... going to my house to kick it with myself
10. I just... being jay
11. I want to meet... uhhh ............. me in the future
12. I'm hungry for... Myself
13. I'm sad when... When i go somewhere and theres no mirrors so i can look at myself
14. I like playing... with myself Lol jk
15. I can see... my sexy fingers typing mmmm baby


Apr 15 2010 10:07PM
Oooh Hi Bxtchface. (: ..Lol
Dec 28 2009 3:26AM
hater list
Chubbs u made my list Lol your my hater of the century.tisk tisk , i mean i knew u was a hater but DAMM!!!! i aint kno u hated on meh like that! hatin on my beautiful voice...
Sep 27 2009 4:04PM
I think i love her
♥sikee...i know i love her(: i cound write it 100 timesz,..she makesSz mehh feel special inside haha i love yuhh, i wanna write more but dont wanna get all emotional, like i did reading yursSz whiqh i hope wasSz pointed towardsSz mehh , even if it wasznt then idc i still feel the same way(:♥
Aug 4 2009 6:31AM
About Meh.....cont.
Mayne welcome 2 thee greatest muh fuqkn page on earth, i know yuh came 2 my 4 a reason so hit a niqquh up then,ah not single(That meansz taken 4 all yuh illerate asz niqquhs who cant read) daddy 2 be , not into the online datinq much,so um yeh that pretty much sums it up.....Oh yehh free my main mansz brian......i met some really ''special'' interestinn ppl *cough* louis *cough* Lol.. luh yuh louis thats my numba 1 bestie on here (no homosexual intended)
Jul 11 2009 10:02PM
im baqkkkkk
Apr 27 2009 4:06AM
1. What's your name? mr squarepants b****es
2. Whens your birthday? june 21st
3. Where were you born? in a hospital but i was made in the back seat of the car (: jk haha
4. Were you a planned child? ah duh
5. Eye/ hair color? its that nigger color :)
6. Shoe size? 13
7. Piercings?2
8. Tattoo's ? none yet
9. Wear any jewelry? earrings & watch
10. How short are you ? 6'1
11. How many teeth are in your mouth? all
12. Chew your nails? at times
13. Hair style? nappy just got my braids n curls out so now its plain as hell
14. Do you wear glasses? nah
15. Have you ever broken a bone? yep
[ L I F E ]
1. Do you live with both parents? yep
2. Do you have any pets? yep
3. How many siblings do you have? 4
4. Anybody other then relatives live with you? nope
5. Lots of friends? yep yep
7. Does your family have more then one car? yea
8. Where are you located? n a fuccin house b1tch
9. Has anybody close to you died recently? yep
10. Any mental illnesses? nope
11. Currently sick?nah


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Jul 6 2012 10:19PM

Hehe ikr;)
get online :(, NOW <3<3<3 and more <3
Mar 2 2012 3:50AM

i bet people read our comments to each other and they just sit there like,
what the f*ck are they talkn about? :S
LOL. <3
Mar 2 2012 3:49AM

dont act like you dont love my stubbornness ;)
and aha, sounds like a plan :P
Feb 24 2012 4:03AM

nuh uh, i gota disagree with you O:)
& mhmm, sounds fun ;)
Feb 13 2012 1:46PM

i miss you toooo, maybe if yu came online you wouldent have to miss me >..< lmao
Sep 12 2011 2:07AM

come online jay, now my inbox is workin you decide not to come on :( lols
Sep 9 2011 10:44PM

Long Time No Talk Luh Nugga <3 Lol
Sep 4 2011 10:38AM

& Bigger b*tch♥
Sep 4 2011 10:38AM

imy more:'(, ima try my inbox now
Aug 12 2011 8:33PM

what am i supposed to do:/ contact mfg?:(
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