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I like soccer and cross country. My favorite video game characters are mario, link, pikachu, and sonic.
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Feb 22 2010 6:55PM
Link and Malon kissing in a Tree
Link and malon kissing in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!
Feb 4 2010 9:56PM
Top ten zelda items(and swords) part 2
NUMBER 1 Master Sword making a debut in Link to the past, This legendary blade, also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane sealed Ganondorf inside for good, in wind waker, the master sword is a huge role, restoring power to it needed to seal Ganondorf in The Wind waker. This sword makes this number 1 on my list.
This is just my opinion, if u want show me ur opinion.
Feb 4 2010 9:48PM
Top ten zelda items(and swords)
10 Bottles Wacky bottles help Link on his quest and able to put stuff in like faries.
9 Din's fire This spell makes fire surround Link in Ocarina of time making it's way to number 9.
8 Razor sword I would have made this sword number 1 if it wouldn't lose it's sides after 100 slashes.
7 Deku Shield Your first shield in ocarina of time, the only problem, in dodongo's cavern, if it's on fire, no more deku shield.
6 Mirror shield A good shield that can reflect light and in ocarina of time, needed for one of the bosses.
5 Ocarina Music to my ears, In ocarina of time and majora's mask, you can learn diffrent songs and it's helpful.
4 hookshot Link's got to go, he needs a hookshot or he wouldn't be able to cross rivers, or broke bridges. This item makes Link a bit crazy.
3 Bommerang Link's trusty boomerang needed on many zelda games. If Link sees a rupee floating, Bommerang time!!!!
2 Gilded Sword The best sword in Majora's mask, This sword is the best and it makes it's way to number 2.
Feb 4 2010 9:27PM
why link is so cool
one resson i like link is the items my first one i like is the sword without a sword he will be nothing
Feb 4 2010 9:23PM
Pepole think the world will end in 2012. I don't think it will happen because they said it was going to end in 2000.
Jan 10 2010 10:42AM
My b-day
My b-day is july 24. If u can remember what i want is that i want ppl to view me. That's all i want.
Jan 9 2010 11:15PM
How link and Mario defeated a Giant Koopa
Link and navi were traveling in the lost woods and found a red cap with an M on it. Then, Mario Jumped out of nowhere. Mario tells Link that a Giant koopa is invading mushroom kingdom. Link and mario hop on epona , but Epona was on a break and mario said to fly, so Link played the song of soaring and flew to mushroom kingdom. There was the Giant koopa twisting a toad's head. link used the master sword and slashed the beast. Giant Koopa went to Bowser's castle and told bowser Game over. Then Link and mario had to find the giant koopa. They reached the lost wood's and found him. Link randomly put on the firce diety mask. Link went on a total rampage. The koopa has left the building said Link. They put the koopa in bowser's castle lava. Then bowser says Who's the one with a game over now!!! (laughs maniacally).
Jan 9 2010 9:09PM
How Link Deafeated Ganondorf.
Link reaches the master sword, before he pulls it, he needs a taco. He checked his pockets and found one, so he ate it. Then he pulled the master sword and flew to Ganondorf. He reaches Ganondorf and Link finds him in Publix. They fought in publix and had a tomato war. Then in station 1, Link put Ganon on a convoryor belt. Ganon turns to a beast and swallows everyone in his way, Then Navi started talking alot and Link got pissed, so he sliced Navi in half. Ganon went crazy and went to the pizza aisle. Link was on a shopping and a random old lady had to push him. Ganon puts Link in the freezer and randomly turns to young link. Young Link went to get some pancakes on aisle 3. Young Link heated the pancakes to 170 degrees. Young Link shot ganondorf using a toaster full of flaming pancakes. Ganondorf catches on fire. Young Link combined items using fizzy soda, container's, and a belt. Young Link put fizzy soda in each container and put each container on a belt making a fizzy soda gernade belt. ( the containers have fizzy soda). Young Link throws each container filled with fizzy soda and throws them on Ganndorf. Ganondorf is not on fire anymore. Young Link goes to aisle 4 and gets bananas for boomerangs. He throws them at Ganondorf, but it has no effect, so he uses bananas to make sword and defeats ganondorf and fly away. THE END.


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