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im a smart, fun, and creative person who enjoys hanging out with friends and having fun, im not single , play the flute, and i love video games ( in case you might ask i AM NOT a girly girl)

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Feb 27 2012 8:39PM
I'm leaving this site because it is boring and there are too many salker types on here. i will still play the games but this site isn't for social networking, so GOODBYE!!
Nov 3 2011 10:06PM
noboby talks to me anymore =(
Oct 25 2011 8:06PM
1st person to message me- ill do any dare
2nd- ill answer any question
3rd- can pick my next status
4th- ill tell you i love you
Be appropriate =)
Oct 24 2011 6:03PM
i need some help with my homework
Oct 22 2011 3:56PM
what do you think of me?
●Black=I hate you.
● Pink = I like you.
● Purple= I would date you.
● Red =I love you.
●Orange = I like talking to you.
●White =I really care about you.
●Silver = We're close.
● Green= You're hot.
●Yellow = I couldn't live without you.
● Brown= Best Friends. Put this on your...status and see......what you get back
Oct 12 2011 7:57PM
im single and waiting for the right guy
Sep 5 2011 1:22PM
bored =/
im soooooooooo bored and i need somebody to text, so message me for the number =)
Aug 3 2011 10:11PM
I'm bored Any GUY wanna text me? Message me for the number.
Jul 31 2011 4:05PM
i need somebody to text
Jul 31 2011 12:45AM
I love my big brother satesh very much!!!


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