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hi put a comment if u want!!!im emo and my name is's a stupid name..:(...but i was born with it so im stickin with it:)

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Sep 28 2008 11:47AM
god it's good to be back!


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Dec 24 2008 11:14PM

Heyy Aubrey! Merry Christmaz! =]
Sep 22 2008 10:49PM

ok nvm bout that though...dustin and i r back...but still...I MISS U CMON GET ON PLZZZ 4 UR FREND?!?....-hugs tight- i wont let go till ur here =(
Aug 26 2008 11:21AM

heya just so u no i think dustin and i r permanently over it. im ok with that =D! as long as ur my frend ill be fine! plus my frend ashley i think her brother likes me so u no HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! lol get on soon i miss u =D
Cute girl
Aug 15 2008 9:40PM

Hey sista from another mista Lol..... wats new?!?!? comment back ok Lol xD
Aug 15 2008 4:45PM

Hey Ghurl!! Lolzz Well Im Juss Showin Yu Sum Luhv! Lolss..Kkpce!!
Aug 13 2008 6:33AM

^_^ Hey girly!! What yah doin?
Aug 12 2008 2:03PM

Heyy...Lolss Returning Dah Luhv Lolz Kkpce..Byeeee
Cute girl
Aug 11 2008 8:41PM

jus showin my sista from another mista some love on her page Lol xD
Cute girl
Aug 11 2008 7:17PM

ok bye bye! xD
Cute girl
Aug 11 2008 7:10PM

Lol xD
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