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The Baddest Yo!♥, Zambia
About Me:
Crystal Hope Carrillio.♥ Im Sinqle:[Straiqht Yo!] Fuck What You Heard, Recoqnize What You See. Not Here To Please No One But Myself.<3 Im Ganqstaa Yo!Click The Link(; Major Flirt! Watch Out(: Lets Talk Chyeah?(:

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Aug 19 2010 3:27AM
New Pics!
Aug 12 2010 7:23PM
**** Yew!
I Say ''Fucck You'', You Say ''What Time?'',
I Say ''Mmm Lets See''
Jul 31 2010 8:07PM
Yes I Do!♥
Threaten My Computer When It qoes Slow..
Tell The TV What To Do..
Yell At My Hair Brush..
And Talk To Thinqs That Cant Talk Bakk..
And Yet You Still Love Me!♥
Who Are You To Judqe Me.
I Know Im Not Perfect And I Dont
Claim To Be.. But Before You Start Pointinq
Finqers, Make Sure Your Own Hands Are Clean.♥
And Im The Girl With The Middle Finqer In The
Air Cause For the First Time I Dont Care.♥
And Just So You Know, The Baddest Chick Aint
Got Shiit Onn Me!♥
So Stick That In Ur Juice Box And && Suck It! xD


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Aug 2 2010 3:02PM

No Duh,Your my Fav cousin.
haha Minnesota girl.?Or what was it.
haha that comment was lame.
ooh my i say lame&Wacck to much./:
and my new thinng with saying Dude,
thats what i get for being where i live,
dude your lame.And this is wack/:AHHHH.!
I Love You Crystal.:P

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