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Hello ladies and gentlemen dicks and cunts. welcome to my profile of the dear Tilly Layne Harlmert. Im bisexual. And im fun to talk to.||||Single||||

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Dec 16 2010 11:09PM
He had a plan to kill you all along. The evidence was written in this song. I was a ghost i was there at the scene and as the embers rose my hands smelled like gasoline. So the headlights murder my thoughts. I curse this taste thats on my tounge. This will never be out. No i wont need these looks. Her bones are withered away but her ghost will remain. Yoy were the . only one that wore your seat belt. Were the only ones that cried carsthrospic accident your the only one that died. So keep my casket closed your heart beats under the floor. It haunts me in my dreams and nothings as it seem
Dec 16 2010 10:10PM
message me :3?
So hold you head. Hold it up high. Heres to the friends that were allibies. Keep this close by your side. When i come out we will have our night. Oh they always told me i was gorgeous in a way. And that people change. I found out who i was. So feel my soul with my perscprition. I just keep feeding my addictions. And with all the friends i have been through. They never tried to share thr pain. Its a shame. So hold your head hold it up high. Heres to the friends that were allibies
Dec 1 2010 5:47PM
my sisters friend wrote this
Everytime i get a call i wish its you
Everytime i get a text i think its you
But it never is
Then i think of everything ive done and said
Trying to think of why your mad
And i never can
Cause one minuate your fine
And then the next your sad
and you wont talk to me
I want to fix what i do but i cant
Cause you cant change the past to get a better future
Its impossible though
And i prey that what i do you forgive me for
that ou still love me
Even though i am a whore
But then sometimes i feel that you dont want me anymore
That your just tired of my threats of death
And thats why you wont leave
But baby through it all
Know ill always love you
Nov 30 2010 9:43PM
The reasons why i did it.....
You cheated
I cant feel any pain
No one cares anyway
It didnt go that deep
I got harrassed today
I spent lunch crying in the bathroom
Ive never felt so betrayed
Everyone felt sorry for me
And i hated it
I dont want to live anymore
My friends arent my friends
Mom and dad are fighting over us
And life is a b****
Nov 30 2010 9:24PM
because of you i never stray to far for the sidewalk
Message me if you wanna
Which you do or i hope you do
Nov 29 2010 8:07PM
life is full of sluts and whores
Message me(:
Nov 28 2010 8:44PM
im thinking about him
Ohmygod; i hate my life
I wanna die right now he cheated on me
He did it then told me he didnt mean to
When he went up and kissed her
He thought it was me
What did i ever do to god
To get hom to tourter me like that
But why am i thinking about him when i know not to
When i know he never really loved me

Ima draw a picture ima draw a picture with a twist
Ima draw it with a razor blade. Ima draw it on my wrist
Nov 28 2010 12:02PM
this is my favorite quote ever(:
I believe in pink. I believe laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing. Kissing alot. I believe in being strong when
Everything else is going wrong. I believe happy girls are the
Prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is just another day. I believe
In miracles
Audrey Hepburn
Nov 28 2010 11:36AM
i believe happy girls are the prettiest girls
Message me(:
Nov 28 2010 1:32AM
The Tilly Harlmert story
1: Tilly
2: love sour patch kids and sour skittles
3: alternative music
4: blue and red
5: i love krysta (bff)
6: bisexual
7: 16
8: i believe in magic
9: cupcakes
10: pirates
11: ninjas


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Dec 1 2010 10:36AM

you are hilarious you can make me laugh at random times and i not even know it!(:
you are amazing dont change
Nov 29 2010 9:49PM

Dear Tilly;
I love you soo much too. You've been there fr me from the get go.
And I love it too. Were thee strangest when were together.
Were like fieworks. Boom bam! Once we get started there's no stopping us.
I can tell you anything as well. && you my favorite cousin/bestfriend ever.
Except for Miss Zahara [: lmao.
Love; Krysta[:
Nov 29 2010 8:19PM

I like your new blog.. it speaks the truth! x)
Nov 28 2010 3:16PM

~~~~~Even specialer comment for tilly~~~
1. Known you since f o r e v e r.
2. Were juss alike.
3. Too many memories too even count.
4. Crazy adventures.
5. Ghost adventures<3 and haunted houses<3
6. clowns D: ahh, im scared! :D
7. i love you Tia "Tilly" Layne Harlmert. ( i think its spelled correctly xD)
xoxo KrystaLynnColes. <3
Nov 28 2010 1:40AM

~~~special comment for tilly~~~
1. u love sour candy ((PLUS))
2. ur hairs f.ucking amazing, 'cause it's the color of the skinny jeans I've been trying to find for the past 2 weeks ((PLUS))
3. ninjas over samurais ((PLUS))
4. you made me feel super special ((PLUS))
5. you seem extremely chill (: ((PLUS))
heh. funny, no minuses.. 'cause your just that magical! ^-^
UR THE BEST TILLY!! <-- i mean honestly tilly? that's an incredible ninja name!

ray zombie zombie <3
Nov 27 2010 8:50PM

Hey, hey, hey its T-T-T-Tikila!
Haha, oh yes Tikila.
Tilly, your absolutely amazing.
*puts your comment and puts it in a secret box til a special person comes along*
Well im not sure on what to say soooo TOODLES! :D
xoxox Krysta <3

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