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Gay Ass, MiNd Ur OwN bUsNiEsS, Tucson, United States
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I love rock music!! Especially Slipknot, Marilyn MAnson, My ChEmIcAl RoMaNcE, KORN, and more!!!!!!!!!!! Eyes Set To Kill, I sEt My FrIeNdS oN fIrE, Cute Is What We Aim For, Panic At The Disco, SyStEm Of A dOwN, papa roach, SPACE SLUT COKE DETECTIVE,etc.

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Jul 22 2009 4:16PM
hilarious pics evr
dudes like theres this pic of a guy nd a horse in bed 2gether soooo f**kin funny
Jul 15 2009 1:45PM
║(o) ║Ipod ♪
╚══╝ post this if you love music !
Jul 11 2009 10:17PM
by the way
I have the most perfect case of tic tacs ever, seriously. They're like all sideways and I can't get them out.
XO :) haha
Jul 11 2009 9:50PM
my feel better plan
im going 2 Blink 182's concert where panic at the disco, fall out boy, slightly stoopid and mor r gonna ply
Jul 11 2009 9:47PM
im pissed :(
ugh! I hate Robert(my ex-bf whos goin 2 high skool) hes a ****. I cant love a guy whos always talkin **** :( Im sooooo upset
Jul 11 2009 9:06PM
im gonna get a new phone woohoo im tired of my ****ty piece O crap
Jul 11 2009 9:05PM
Oh Man!!!
Well my bf is goin 2 high skool nd im barely in 8th ughh i hate bein away from him but we simpy cant b 2gether


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