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screwin u in the, United Kingdom
About Me:
i found myself and im bi.. im adam mogulie richmand btw:) ^u^ hehe i love to drink, smoke, and party:) i love my life when im with my besties:) love my haterz too YALL CAN S>M>F>D!!!!!!

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Jun 5 2012 10:36AM
havent been on here in a looonnng time lol
Jan 2 2012 3:20PM
rotflmao!! literally
rom: Bass.Down.Low <3
Date: Jan 2 2012 3:17PM
Subject: RE: Hey(:
I Would Rather Be Like.. Mars Or Something.
Than People Would Still Say "Damn She's Hott"
But There Would Be Like Aliens On Me (Woah.. Sounds Wrong)
And People From Earth Wish They Could Visit Me.. But Im Too Hott For Them To Handle.
And I Would Be Able To Rule The Planet.
I Could Be All Like "Go Make Me Some Cheese"
And They'd Be Like "**** Yes Master"
Dec 26 2011 12:37PM
From: xsarah-suicidex
Date: Dec 26 2011 12:35PM
Subject: RE: ...
Everyone will be jelly and be like, oo where did you get that awesome Russian kitty? And were all like, cuz we boss, niggah;o
Dec 26 2011 12:03PM
From: xsarah-suicidex
Date: Dec 26 2011 12:00PM
Subject: RE: ...
Ive always wanted to be like a hippy-hobo-nomad because then you'd travel everywhere and wouldn't get bored :)

my dream!!
Dec 8 2011 8:02PM
yay u mean the world to me ur mi lil baby i love you with all my heart :)

your incredible babe:)
your my light to see through the darkness and it shines so bright:)
Nov 19 2011 10:42PM
omg dont you just love friends who get drunk and try to flirt with you?
cause i think its hilarious
do i flirt back??
do i wanna slap them sometimes?
yesh lol
Oct 20 2011 9:38PM
th3 b3at of my h3art b3ats your nam3
i look at you and my f33lings stay th3 sam3.
Oct 20 2011 7:55PM
i feel like a kid^^
Oct 12 2011 7:27PM
im in love with her...
Oct 4 2011 7:21PM
got my hair dyed:)


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Jan 4 2012 4:07PM

Ohh snap. But unfortunately for you, I have super powers. So ha! Come at me, bro. ;D
Jan 2 2012 3:37PM

Psht. Challenge accepted. Bro, you are soooo going down. Downtown, niggah. Well ya seeeee, I was a black man in my former years..I can dance. ;o that's what's up.
Jan 1 2012 11:32PM

Woah! Snap back, mothafu.ckkahh! I am le dancing queen. Nobody can beat me in a dance competition. ;o
Jan 1 2012 2:47PM

Happy. Freakin. New. Years! My New Year resolution? Less soup, more sex. XD
Dec 30 2011 7:36PM

your mi hubby
im your wify
we will one day make little tiny...
CRAYONS HA i love you hubby! :)
Dec 2 2011 10:01PM

and i love you more baby
i told them we would last
and we will be together forever
like toast and jelly!!
:) ur miine for life
Nov 13 2011 5:45PM

I love you too XD
i tried to tell em
we would last 4ever
they didnt listen.
XD :) <3
Oct 26 2011 10:19PM

hes MINE -plants flag- c i claimed him mine mine mine he wuvs me i wuv him he hatez u
i hate u once again i will repete this
mine mine mine!!!!
-likz page-
ha ha ha mine!!!
successful comment
Oct 20 2011 10:42PM

when i see you dont scream:)
lol im going platinum blonde!
oh and bring marshmellows we are playing chubby bunny
cam cam
Jun 9 2011 8:46PM

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