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Feb 7 2008 7:18PM
iam so cool!!!!!!!awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am 15 i have a fish 2 birds a cat 5 dogs 1 is a pitbull 3 of them are chuwawas and 1 is a collie. i play football and iam on the swim team and i love to play paintball fight with my friens and ride the motor cycles. i have a sister that is 17 and a brother that is 10. me and my brother fight alot like when we play we are fighting. and me and my sis always watch a show curotie kid and after the movie she starts beating me up like chinese people( no affence). but yeah thats me!!!! dogs names=pit bull=sofe little pups=chico, sasha,and earny collie=molly


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