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TAKEN BY MICHAEL LEE D.!!!!!!!!!! <3 Tyler is sooo hot(; ~Tyler Love you RoleyPoley(;

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Jun 28 2013 2:19AM
Own to earth and won't shutup about the date she wants to take you on when she visits you in California. I trust Jacey's judgement. So stay beautiful girl(;
Man, may I say, I suck at football. Haha I'm a wrestler. You need to teach me some god damn ball. I heard your the best. But besides that I wanted to say thank you, I know Jacey came to you for a lot of things, and you were always open and did everything you possible could for her. I appreciate that greatly. I trust that you will take care of my sister. But I would like you too promise to be the other brother she needs.. To have someone that protect her and have her back on everything, I trust you, knowing all the things Jace says about you. Once again, thanks for being there for Jacey when I could not.
Congratulations on the baby, Jacey tells me it's the highlight of your life and you are a wonderful mom. I totally support teenage parents. I am one myself. My baby girl is Isabella and is too the highlight of my life. She's turning 7 months soon so your baby is a couple months older. Jace tells me you guys get in quite a lot of cat fights . That's cute. But a waste of time. I have no idea how you feel about her. Probably some naughty words would come out if you answered. Since both are in love with some guy. But I think you only know the bad things about Jacey as well as Jacey she only knows or sees the bad. I bet if you knew the good side and how beautiful and joy she brings to people that you guys wouldn't fight so much. But that's just what I think. I think that you guys need to make a compromise or something ****. Ima guy so idk what girls do when they love the same guy haha.
Jun 28 2013 2:07AM
To My Sweet Sister JaceyBabe
You know, just because I'm not your next door neighbor yet half way across the country.. I'm always going to be your brother. I'm gonna be honest with you Jacey. You really are good at setting yourself up for failure. You know that this girl is going to say something that you necessary don't agree with. At the same time though, Michael and you did break up. But I also know that those things might still hurt a little. I know you love him very very much. Just like I loved Madi .. She gave birth to my little munchkin before she died. I know this year has been a little more challenging for us but we always go through things. Jacey I love you but you need to let go a little; before your heart gets shattered. I know you love to love. I know you love to be in love. It's a great feeling. But if Michael wants to be with you he will. Give it time. And ignore this girl that gets under your skin. You know what's so funny JaceyBabe? Is your usually giving advice to me but this time it changed I guess:p my arms are open Jace<3
Thanks for keeping my girl company and keeping her happy. She's crazy about you dude. Sadly I won't be in town tomorrow or the weekend for Jace's party, but I really look forward to meeting you another time. I got to interrogate you so I know my sister is in good hands. But I have a pretty good idea that you treat and respect her like she should be treated. Have fun with her this weekend. Haha she's quite crazy loves to roll around ? Haha that's one of her things I guess haha she's our little Roleypoley that's what our friend madi called her before she past but I wish you would've gotten to meet her. That was one of Jaceys closest friends. I know Jacey always looks forward to seeing your group of friends, so I hope you look forward to seeing hers.
Thanks for comforting my sister. She does talk about you frequently on the phone. Says your very beautiful and she's jealous of your gymnastic skills. Also she says that you are very d
Jun 28 2013 1:29AM
****ing speechless.
Jun 21 2013 2:32AM
Hell Yah<3
Back From A KickBack<3
Its Hella Nice,
To Hang With Your Friends and Have a Couple Beers<3
Jun 20 2013 2:05PM
For all those girls who say: "all guys are the same": who told you to try all of them. Hoe.
Jun 20 2013 12:26PM
There Are A Lot Of People
Who Call You By Your
But There Is Only ONE PERSON
who can make it sound so damn
Jun 19 2013 8:38PM
I Would Walk Through The Desert,
I Would Walk Down The Aisle,
I Would Swim All The Oceans,
Just To See You,
Jun 19 2013 2:16PM
Will always and always will be the only thing I think about..
Jun 18 2013 8:00PM
When you just can't live without him...
Jun 17 2013 6:59AM
If your not Michael, taylor or jeydon, there's no point in messaging me!
im not gonna respond, so get off my profile and go I don't like your face haha


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Jun 6 2013 12:36PM

You're a great friend!
And you're awesome ♥♥
May 30 2013 10:36PM

Thanks(: so I'm going to be honest ((sorry Michael lee c;)) but you are sooooo pretty and your just an awesome chick (;
Haha and sorry for the whole naming Anna b****zilla thing
I let my anger out >.<
May 30 2013 2:41PM

I love you infinity :*
May 30 2013 10:01AM

You, dear, are amazing. I love you to the moon and back a gazillion times :))
May 29 2013 12:05PM

She is my booboo xD
May 27 2013 11:31PM

Wife <3 I love you, and your always the no.1 girl on my mind :) your an amazing girl and I ****ing love you :) don't you ever forget that booboo.
May 26 2013 12:39PM

I dont even give a **** either!:)
He can pissy all he wants;)
May 26 2013 10:31AM

To this kid underneath me
Uhmmm she is MY boo now ;)
Lol jk
Just in a mood to piss people off
Apr 28 2013 2:13AM

I love you :* <3 your MY booboo :)
Feb 19 2013 6:13PM

Thanks babe
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