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Dec 18 2008 4:31PM
my username
i hate my user name, its too stupid and girlie, :-/
Dec 10 2008 4:22PM
no homwork
yay!!! :-D
Nov 20 2008 6:18PM
cell project
i have to do a cell project, almost done, pain in the butt!
Nov 13 2008 5:09PM
someone add me?
Nov 9 2008 3:25PM
i feel tired, i hate school! my techer keeps on giving my cs, c+s, bs, and b+s, AHG! Im soo tupid, usually im not, but what the?!
Nov 9 2008 9:55AM
Its my Birthday
Im finally a teenager! I can do anything! Well not everything! but yay today my birthday, Happy Birthday to me!
Nov 4 2008 4:52PM
My Birthday is SUNDAY!! YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!! 13!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 2 2008 5:00PM
Bored and hungry
Im tired, someone message, or add me, me hungry! lol
Nov 1 2008 4:34PM
Candy Overdose
Since my family and i have left over candy from Halloween , i was eating too much, now i fell sick, dizzy and tired, i had a candy overdose
Oct 31 2008 3:34PM
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! :-) Im not going trick-or-treating, :-( but im going to eat the candy leftover from the trick-or-treaters!


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Puppy Lover88
Oct 12 2008 9:06AM

I Love your page its so cool even your blogs are awsome i read them all and it and it took me 2 hrs to read them all i liked them so much!
Sep 2 2008 1:28PM

ur not the only 1 that feels like a dork on the 1st day =( whenever i enter the classroom i always get depressed like theres somethin inside me eating away my happiness...well i guess 7th grade will have 2 w8 4 2morrow 2 c if its really like that crap i just said XDD well ttyl luvz ya =)
Aug 17 2008 4:15AM

Hey I'm 12 (13 in October 2008) and going into 7th grade too! Add me as a friend!

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