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Łøve łøśt<3:), Iceland
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I quit <3

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Jul 18 2010 5:31AM
Everyone one
Every body block
there's a hacker on his account!
Jul 18 2010 5:24AM
If anyone sends you Any mean emails fro Kyle it wasent him!
He asked Macey if he wanted to hack
so they did and Macey changed the email I think so yeah
Jul 13 2010 9:33AM
I quit guys sorry
this site has hurt me to hell
physicaly and emotionaly
so yeah
thanks for everthing
Jul 13 2010 9:26AM
About me
Well my name is blake I'm 16 I took my first breath was on April 27th
I get upset easily more than other people
I'm not emo or scene or any of that I'm Gay and that's the person I am
I have alot of friends that are girls and a few that are guys so whatevs
I go to school at Alfred Deaken High
I finnaly get to go to 9th grade so yay
I'm very artistic and I make sculptures and that
I don't take many pictures of myself exept for special people
I don't smoke exept I do drink a bit but whatever
I'm single and only intersted in dating guys
exept girls are welcome to be friends
as all people,
I'm not yet sure of my religon and all
I have a low self esteem when I'm upset
so yeah
I am still like a 10 yearold
but clearly I aren't
I still love ps3
and Im a major nerd
and music isent my life so yeah
enough crap now messege me. Kid
Jul 12 2010 8:43AM
**** you
**** everything
honestly I'm already pissed at mysel. Thank you
Jul 12 2010 8:32AM
Few of you have noticed my changes,
I'm not going to screw things up this time
so don't think about backstabbing me you stupid Jew rat.
Really, you screwed my life up, no I'm not going to get revenge
let's just say
I don't trust you
Jun 20 2010 4:31PM
I miss a few of you
Jun 9 2010 6:41AM
Jun 8 2010 10:30AM
Stalker in my closet! o.o
You, my friend.
Have been hacked!:D
By your Stalker![;
Anywoot..I love you Blake!
Don't change for Anyone!(:
You're more than you knoww!
You mean SO much to me!
You're Amazing babe!
Love youu! (y'know)^^
Jun 8 2010 4:04AM


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Jul 12 2010 12:48PM

Lmfao.! That comment made mah ****ingg day dude.
An well, yeah i guess i forgot to tell yuh(:
Sorry bout that xD
Lmaoo damn kid yuh needa get on.!
I luhvv yuh toooz
DropDead. <3
Jun 10 2010 1:50PM

You don't think i care? well fucck it then.. I was never good enough anyways
DropDead. <3
Jun 10 2010 6:31AM

I wrote down what you said..
DropDead. <3
Jun 9 2010 9:54PM

Um, so you dont care? :l
Mhm, I was right.
DropDead. <3
Jun 9 2010 1:48PM

You deleted my thing ):
May 29 2010 12:23AM

k so,
Blake you AMAZING !
More then that (:
That blog ..
It made me feel amazing.
I started crying from happyness :D
Thanks Blake.,
Your always there for me.
You no how to make me laugh ..
You make me happy when im down.
Well ..
May 28 2010 10:39PM

Naww naww naw you down own me,
May 28 2010 10:19PM

May 28 2010 12:21PM

Nopes, it's so true, and you know it (:
May 28 2010 2:11AM

So this is blake (:
And he is gorgeous (:
Get it, Got it , Good.
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