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Stars sometimes blow up to oblivion... but the true ones stay true <3 (:

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Oct 18 2010 7:10AM
He's still the same back when we were 12.. <3
Apr 24 2010 11:28AM
What the ****kk? -.o
OKay well.. um, some weird things happened.
I don't know how long I will be on but.. I might not come on a lot?
And.. yeah! But I'm here now .-. Wooo..
Meh, I've lost hope in myself now
Mar 1 2010 6:03PM
I gots me a formspring!
Follow me and ask me questions. I'll do the same <3
Feb 18 2010 7:51PM
Wearing a sexy dress for no reason
Ugh, I wanna go to the mall tomorrow but I got no ride..
That pisses me off -.- And Jason is going too!
Feb 17 2010 9:53PM
The guy she was just with loved her forever as promised, until that day everything turned and now she is free like a little dove on a brand new day (:
Feb 17 2010 8:52PM
Who's Lillian? This is about her (:
Yeah, the name is Lillian. Although you call me Lilly, Lillian is my true name.
My life was once in heaven for a full 9 months with someone who I won't say the name of anymore.
He was my life, and was anything in a man I could love.
That is.. until our trust was wrecked. And now him and I will never be friends again.
Anywho, I am thirteen years of age and still growing into a mature adult. (Well, mostly mature)
I like to have a lot of excitement in my life throughout my friends, but mostly I'm calm.
Friends are everything to me now, and whenever they're in trouble I help them.
I am very talkative sometimes when it's that kind of day. I'm a winter girl. Put me in Canada and I'll survive xD
My own father calls me a vampire sometimes like around Christmas. That's when I'm at my palest state.
And also when I hate the sunlight and go to bed late. People call me a freak, but oh well.
And just so you know, I am emotional a lot at times. But who exactly cares if someone calls them it?
It might be the truth, it might not be. But although ignoring the thought will put the best through everyone.
Smiles are okay, but hugs are a lot better. I like hugs, and just for that people call me bi. Oh frikkin well (:
I love my life, and no one can ruin my future. (:
Feb 12 2010 6:15PM
<3 (:
Jason, Donald, Garrett, Garret, Kevin, Nick, and Raine are my Valentines
I love people ^^
Jan 29 2010 5:43PM
Alright so..
My phone is down to it's last minutes. So STOP TEXTING ME (Max -.-)
I mean really, I need this for emergencies now.. well, until I get more money to put it on my phone
So don't text me until I make another blog saying it
Jan 23 2010 9:24PM
I think.. I WAS falling for the new kid. Now he's just a big faggot :l
Jan 18 2010 2:42PM
I think.. I'm falling for the new kid <3


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Nov 25 2010 1:26PM

Oct 7 2010 3:41PM

I wish I knew you, way back when.
Before you were part of my plans,
I think that we would have been friends.

There's only time to live our lives,
&' you'll be the one that's by my side.
&' I can promise you then..
You'll always be my best friend.

Till the end when we part,
I will give you my heart,
&' I'll promise to love you with all that it is.
&' I'll promise to be there whenever you need me,
Because you'll always be.. my best friend.

You'll always be my best friend.
(You'll always be my best friend.)
You'll always be my best friend.
(You'll always be my best friend.)

You'll always be my best.. friend.

You'll always be my best friend by Relient K.
May 25 2010 8:34PM

whatz happend with emma and sabrina? they still come here?
Max Unrated.
Mar 3 2010 7:23PM

You Have Beeen Random Commented,
Send This To 10 Peoplees Or More,
Or Else.
Feb 19 2010 10:25AM

Jan 31 2010 12:04AM

ohh wow i forgot bout yuh bud!:O
mehh srry=/,anyways came 2 say hi and blah blah
t2ul!! <33 yuh kno who i am
Jan 1 2010 5:47PM

Happy new Yearz:P
Hope it was a good one:)
Chelsea Cadaver.
Jan 1 2010 12:47PM

Happy New Years
Jan 1 2010 10:40AM

Happy New Year<3
Jan 1 2010 12:02AM

Happy New Yearz :]!
~EmMa xoxo♥
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