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NEW PROFILE! ADD! ChrisEatsKids! ADD! R.I.P Jake (05.28.10)

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Jun 19 2010 5:29AM
Don't message this account message my new account ChrisEatsKids !!
I won't reply on here so yea.
If your my friend then add ChrisEatsKids okay? (:
I might come on this account tomorrow but just to make sure I messaged my friends about the new change.
Oh yea and join the mob created to get the little bastard who hacked this profile and sent those messages! So message ChrisEatsKids and join the mob! (:<
Jun 18 2010 9:06PM
My new account is ChrisEatsKids
Add it! [x
This one was hacked and I don't trust it anymore so add the new one! PLEASE!<3
Jun 14 2010 11:10PM
We are family! ((:
Sisters-- Maria!, Sara!, Tiffany!, Emily!
Pets-- Macey the kitty! x3
Brothers-- Josh!, Timmeh!, Alis!
Jun 14 2010 7:02PM
I need brothers and sisters! :D
Message me if you want to be my brother or sister!!!!<3
Jun 11 2010 5:32AM
Ahem. I love Gunner! ^-^
I love Gunner and I know he loves me back. He's always making me smile and feel better. Whenever we talk he makes my day better(: I don't know what I would do without that boy♥ He's really sweet and just adorable.

But some people are trying to break us up! Some people are just pathetic like that. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO BREAK US UP! We're not going to break up because of that. Quit lying to us, like seriously Kennedy I never went out with you. Quit talking shi.t to us and our friends. And Timmeh loves Maria! Maria loves Timmeh! Seriously, no I wouldn't dump Gunner and Maria wouldn't dump Timmeh so Maria and I could be together. SHE'S JUST A FRIEND! We love the people we're dating right now<3

And if you're a true friend to me then you would accept that I'm dating Gunner. He makes me happy and friends would want there friends happy right? Right! So if you don't accept the fact that Chris loves Gunner then just quit talking to me. That's your only chooses, Accept Gunner and Me or Bye-Bye. (: I'm being serious here, that's how I truely feel about this. I love Gunner, he's my everything now.
I won't lie I miss Jake badly but I have to keep on living right?
So yea... that's about it. I love you Gunner Scott♥
Jun 9 2010 7:04PM
I love you Gunner.
Jun 5 2010 12:15AM
Truth [:
I miss my Gunner♥
I love you Gunner!<333 I came on and your not online >.> You should come online more hun [:
Jun 3 2010 1:28AM
That hottie is all mine biitches so back off(:
May 30 2010 4:05AM
Wow okay...
So I didn't have my phone all day. If you sent a text to my number it was Heidi who you were talking to... NOT ME! She LIED to all of you. We didn't have sex so she's not pregnant. Geez. I was at her last night drunk yes, but I barely even talked to her. I let her borrow my phone today and whoever sent a text to my number she lied and said we had sex and that I got her pregnant. She was just mad at me because I apparently told her current boyfriend her little secret. So yea quit messaging me on here saying Ima manwhore because I'm not! I'm still mourning over Jake. I haven't even thought about anybody else and I feel terrible about what happened. So yea Heidi lied and I'm not a manwhore! THIS IS THE TRUTH! Geez...
May 29 2010 1:38AM
seriously you dumb b****?
go to ****ing hell.
I don't even know you but seriously you're just a mother****ing fatass b**** that needs to leave forever.


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Jun 21 2010 12:15AM

Jun 18 2010 1:39AM

Okay Baby(:
I'm Good Noww:)
I Hope You Are To<33
Jun 17 2010 5:12PM

Chris get on!! ):
Jun 17 2010 2:48PM

I Love You Christofer Taylor :(
Jun 16 2010 5:42PM

Jun 16 2010 5:04PM

This Has Been The Best 2 Weeks Of My Life Baby(:
ILoveYou So Much Christofer Taylor!<33
Jun 16 2010 4:12PM

Jun 16 2010 2:20PM

★hey sexy brother lolx★
★love yu bro★
nikki ash
Jun 16 2010 2:20PM

heyy buba
showin ur page some love
ily buba!
<3 sarah
Jun 16 2010 11:35AM

I'm Your Big Sister!(: Lmfaoo
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