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New Olreans moved here almos 4 mths ago n lov it, United States
About Me:
in da pic im da 1st 1 n its da 1st tim ive been 2 a parti dat brok mi curfew n got me grounded.mi is sky short 4 realli nice gurl bt less jus say its da quiet 1 u hav 2 watch out 4 so pl dnt mess wit mi frnds

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Sep 9 2012 9:25PM
Pay attention every1 on Aaron10 friends list
Aaron is a player ever wonder y how u put up a comment n it comes right off thats cuz he dnt want yall 2 no he has more than one gf not 2 mention hes not 18 aaron's 22 he also says the same thing he does 2 u each day like how wen he 1st meet u he says something like
im aaron ur very pretty
he says that 2 ever girl
aaron also has a small penis that he likes 2 cyber with that all he doing is trickin u so he can have sex with the whole i love u so soon n he just met u also i dont no how aaron can be a player he looks like an ugly bald pregnant woman who keeps aging the saddest thing bout it is hes gonna be pathetic excuse 4 a father if not already cuz u can neva no if the baby in the photo is his cuz he lie so much what kind of grown man lies bout his age so he can trick girls into having sex with his small ****k self u can believe anything u want but ask some other girls n i bet they say the same all im doin is warning its up 2 u if u block him im done
Sep 29 2011 7:26PM
3 questions
1 chance
3 honest answers
Dont matter how dirty ask away n ill answer
Thats all you get.


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Oct 1 2011 5:57AM

wassam sky i didnt even no u had 1 i cant wait 2 see at skool n ur comin 2 da temeysha party i dink so lata luv n kisses bt as frnds since we broke up hahah
Aug 30 2011 2:54PM

hey cutie

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