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A verry sad place!, Canada
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I cut my self wait let me rephrase that i use to now I dont cuz of you my love
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Feb 8 2010 5:34PM
The past and now
(The now) don't judge me don't shove me , don't leave dont throw me,
love me and kiss me , hold me and suffercate me ? why would you say
you love me wen you destory me and broke me ? and then say I did love you
but love dosent stop even if we do baby,so promise me this
when you say you love me just make sure it's not a lie

so ,when you say you love me do you ? (The now)

don't let me die slowly in your love don't let me get blind sighted by your love,just hold me and never say you
want to let go,
let me love you unconditionaly baby,don't make me
worry about things but let me see how great are things?,<3'
I fell already ,but so have you
so please keep your hafe to my hafe and let's see
what this can be ?
Feb 8 2010 5:29PM
╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are emo!
Jan 25 2010 9:32AM
Love is hard but it's worth it ♥
You can go trew so much in life , you can forgive but not forget , good times trew bad , but one beats it all , it's called love you know when you are trully in love with someone when you cant get mad at them you can only love them for the things they do, you can go trew the hardess things with them you can trust them for everything you can talk to them about anything with out them braking up with you, They dont only love you for what you look like they love you for who you are. They will care about you even if you fallin a hole sometimes or take the wrong path , they will pull you back up and leed you to the right one. If they ask you who or what you doing or talking to that is cuz they care so much about you they look out for you. Dont get mad at them for being over protective of you they only look out for the best for you and him that is what you call trew love.
You will know when you find it there is not one day that my b-f doesint go trew my mind thanks for everything baby I'll always love you i swear on our love
Love piggy♥
To you my love
Jan 17 2010 11:52AM
My baby
There are only one thing in the world i care about love and that is my Eric i love you, you have changed me complitetly!!I love you for all the things youve done and for beig in my life!!! we will be together forever and always i dont care what anyones says or does nothing would take us appart♥♥
Jan 17 2010 11:50AM
Friends or enemies?
Someone said i was there Friend and wont add meh! AHH, they better add me before i go all ninja panda on there Ass's!!!!


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Jan 25 2010 11:21AM

fuzzy x(
Jan 25 2010 11:21AM

This blog makes me feel warm and fussy inside :P
Nov 16 2009 5:12PM

Nov 16 2009 4:55PM

hello stranger :P
Trinity J
Nov 15 2009 11:43AM

elloz new friend, i hope yuor having a good day!!!

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