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Mar 20 2011 10:12AM
Why is Batman a super hero, if he doesn't have any super powers?
I'm Chelsea.
Crazy, Stupid, Funny, Loveable, Nice, Caring,Sweet.
I have one bestfriend(: He's like an unoffical big brother! I love him.
Smiles, Sunshine, and Rainbows
Love, Life, Happiness, Peace, Hope, Bestfriends, Long life.
Music brings me peace, I love talking and listening.
I get overly excited about everything, its a habit.
i'm a typically happy person.
Birthday:: March 30th (:
I love the Color Pink, Hello Kitty, Cell Phones, Barbies, Hot Wheels, My Brother, Parks, School,
And Of course i love you.
I'm afraid of everything.
But then again, I'm just a kid. What do you expect?
Childish at times, Mature at times.
But at the end of the day, I'm still Chelsea.
And for that is what I'll always be.
Well, am I missing something?
Probablly, but just ask.


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May 26 2012 10:02PM

Chels (: You need to get on because I miss you.
Cory :]
Sep 28 2011 12:37AM

i miss you.

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