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emma in, Italy
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Herroo :3 im Chelsea Broken Hearted. <|3... Buh Bye

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Dec 21 2009 1:14PM
OMG! i have a new profile again its
Chelsea Cadaver. Add me??
Dec 19 2009 9:42PM
omg i wont be on for awhile....
buh bye
i'll miss some of you.
Dec 18 2009 2:45PM
Amazingly Happy. and im gonna get off befroe someone ruins it

but i got a gift from santa :D
Dec 16 2009 6:19PM
Bloody forgiveness.
beaten to a bloodly plup
the memories will fade
but the scars will stay the same

i am shamed
of all the things ive let you do
to me it was my fault

i cant be good
bad is all ive ever known
i cant even for you.
im sorry this is true

laying on the ground
what a bloody mess?
i leave with my distress

time is of the esence
you know my friend its true
now get you to a hospital
and maybe theyll save you

dead now looking up
thinking about all the things you've put me through
blood streaming for my cheat
oh what a mess?
Dec 16 2009 5:10PM
dude yesterday was my little sister b-day and i didnt kno it until 9:00pm that night.
Dec 16 2009 4:26PM
Amazing....altho im in love with someone.... :O
Dear heart prepare yourself

Im the bad cookie in the cookir jar. :D
Dec 13 2009 6:42PM
Note to self...
Open door before trying to run out of it.
Dec 13 2009 4:46PM
I dont even know anymore
Once too together
two people from the start
nothing could tear them apart
best friends until the end
stayed up all night
they'd never fight.
promises made
only one day to be broken
sercets shared
to never tell another living soul
lies were never told.
together so brave and bold.
only to find one day
she could be so cold.
tattered inside
the other girl wants to hide
hated and jaded
we seem to have faded.
a friendship once so strong
and golden
is now over and broken
Dec 13 2009 4:05PM
I dont even kno.
his word pierce thru her skull
running thru her head
like a ticking time bomb
thats wanting to be dead
Maybe One day she'll be worth something
but until then she can only dream
no more i love yous
and im sorries
they mean nothing at all.
broken to many times
no more falling for lies.
1000 peaces of heart in her chest
once so whole and beautiful
now just a wreak.
the promises were fake.
crashed on the floor.
ugly and horrid
loves fallen to the ground.
passed out cold
confesstions have just started
suffering at her own destress.
lies are over
times is gone
i cant wait for you
to figure out what you want
im moving on
so good bye
Dec 13 2009 12:07PM
Depressed ignored.

Maybe One day ill be worth something amazing but until then i can only dream
He's the Blade and Im Just Paper.
Flawless..Never but you okie with that


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Dec 13 2009 3:28PM

Dec 13 2009 3:09PM

What? Who? When?
What happened!? o:
Dec 13 2009 3:05PM

What? :o
Dec 13 2009 2:41PM

Lalalala :]
Dec 13 2009 2:10PM

Yah, i do the same thing.
Dec 13 2009 2:06PM

Yahh, Max cried when he read it on my blog-__-
Dec 13 2009 1:27PM

You should.
itz amazing.
Dec 13 2009 12:10PM

Yah it iz a song, i know itz amazingg <3
Never Change - Dear Juliet
Dec 13 2009 11:19AM

Meoww :3
Dec 13 2009 10:48AM

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