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Leah Was Here! January.First.TwoThousandTen. <3, United States
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Hello I'm Chelsea and I'm Beautiful and Smart. :] Me and Nathan are Best Friends. :D Taken <3 013010-?? Max Hacked Gorgeous Chels.122109.| 01.04.10| the day i gave up on love|..KYLEE WAS HERE 1-1-10....

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Feb 10 2010 11:46AM
:[ fml
wow why does everyone seem to hate me?
Feb 9 2010 6:12PM
i really shouldnt hate you i knew you were gonna but oh well. whatever
Feb 8 2010 3:42PM
Emma <3
butt if there wasnt people like you i would have nothing to live for i live to make sad people happy. :]
Feb 8 2010 3:38PM
i love you to babe you should be happy, if anyone should
Feb 8 2010 3:33PM
ha its okie. im not really that sweet but i love you and i did that just fer you...
ive never said that to anyone else before
Feb 8 2010 3:25PM
Emma <3
that was a really lame thing to say.... but im but im glad you love me cause i love you too
Feb 7 2010 8:03AM
I really hate you right now. i really do......
nawww i really could kill you right now....

why do i put myself thru this??
Feb 5 2010 4:10PM
why is there a feeling of love.?
why do people cheat.?
why do i fall in love and always get hurt in the process.?
well i dont wanna be love anymoreee
Feb 5 2010 1:36PM
Shine by the morning of
Lets get it by maps
Perfect time by we shot the moon
i’m not a thief Im a treasure by A skylit Drive
i’ll meet you there by owl city
One star story - Tears Behind a Smile
Feb 5 2010 1:32PM
from now on:
from now on im deleting pointless comments Okie??


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Feb 14 2010 11:02PM

Hαρρу Vαιэитιизѕ Dαу!!!♥ &ILoveYouu♥
Feb 11 2010 2:56PM

=P thankies <3
Love yah buddeh Wuddeh
Feb 10 2010 12:54PM

Chelsea is Awesome
End o Story
wait till i get moar facts
Oh did i mention chelsea had detention :P?
Feb 8 2010 3:48PM

This stunning person before your eyes is one of a kind, & her name is Chelsea <3
You will never meet another person like her and she will impact your life no matter what.
There are so many words to describe her; beautiful, amazing, caring, nice & there is not one way to explane everything she is, so get to know her. she cares about what you have to say & will actually give a shiiit. she will treat you like you are special & not just another face in the crowd. she is the definition of perfect & she is one of the most amazing girls i have ever met. she is my best friend, & i love her dearly :]. trust me she will leave a huge impression on your life if you get to know her.
~EmMa xoxo♥

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