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<|3((I love you Chels)) I could never live with out u! -Jess-[Max Here Hacking This Cholo Girl Love You Chels] [[Emma lovez Chels]] .kaley<3 EDDIE ECHO LUFFLES THIS CHICKY ASH A FWEND!! :D

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Nov 27 2009 7:49PM
Sad Depressed Sick.

Im sick of everything. Gosh. im worthless and stupid and ugly. i dont kno how so many people can stand me
Sick of getting yelled at why am i such a **** up? I cant even keep a friend for over a year. D:
Nov 27 2009 5:10PM
my aunt just told my little brother that if he does say hes sorry hes going to the "naughty spot" haha that sounds kinky omg i wanna go to the naughty spot
Nov 27 2009 4:52PM
im sorry again
-jumps up and down- THIS IS ALL MY FAULT! i shouldve even made on of these. damn it. ahh just everyone stop. kylee kaley and max-e-kinz thanks for sticking up for me but this is my battle.
to everyone who called me pretty- YOUR ALL LAIRS!
Nov 27 2009 4:45PM
Im sorry.
Im sorry to everyone. i caused all of this please everyone this is my battle just stop..please stop. i am fat and ugly and keith is the only one that can tell me the truth.
Nov 27 2009 4:29PM
Friendship blog.
♥max-e-kinzz♥Im the only one alllowed to call him that okie? okie. i love you soo much you really have no idea. your amazing you omg there soo much your soo attractive. and your soo sweet you put hershey out of business
♥Kaley♥ I love you chick. hahaha your soo funny and i dont kno what id do with out you.
♥kylee♥ I love you and your ****ing beautiful okie never think anything different.
♥Eee-ma♥ i love you and ill always be there for you "D
♥shayla♥ well weve been barbies for awhile now and i just wanted to say i love you and you mean the world to me.
♥Blakey♥ Boy i love you you i havent known you long but i love talking to you...
♥Justin♥ i love you. your soo amazing. its kinda hard to explain you. but everyone need to get to kno you.
♥amanda♥ i love you your my wifey DUH!
♥Evan♥ the only thing i can say about you is you make me feel special. "D
♥lauryn♥ i love you. your soo amazing im ur shorty. "D
Nov 27 2009 3:48PM
Chelsea's Mood.
Sad Depressed.

I'm so glad she told me the truth. im worthless
Nov 27 2009 1:33PM
Can I Say ManWhore?
From: 00xxxcoolxxx00
Date: Nov 27 2009 1:27PM
Subject: RE: ...........

my ****shake brings all the girls 2 the yard yea rite its better than urs damn rite its better than urs!
DONT ASK im an ass
Nov 26 2009 10:29AM
Why am I getting a pierced tongue? Kylee will soon find out.
Okie cuz kylee thinks i chug cum ima write a blog about her.
i love you. your amazing and wonderful and
your full of booty :D and by that i mean ur bootyful

love Chelsea
Nov 26 2009 9:57AM
About Me::
Hello. Im Chelsea.
Im totally random. And Im SOOOO straight edge its not even funny. yeah i may not talk it but nope im straigh edge and damn proud. Add me. I say atractive and is that a fat joke? a little to much I love scool even tho im not really good at it....I love my friends that really the only reason i go and to get away from my parents. haha yeah i actually do love school but then again i believe you dont have to be smart. just GOOGLE IT I love meeting new people. Unless you are fake...then dont waste ur time talking to me.I have the most amazing friends ever! And I love all of them! I have MASS issues but its okie. Im the type of girl you would see in wal-mart in the toy section playing with all the toys and riding the bikes im really not afriad of anything i try and be different as much as i can. i hate fitting in. its just sooo boring yeah i make up my own words that really mean nothing and my style needs a little help but i dont want it from you. Yes i have an opinion so dont worry children i will give it to you wanted or not. i dont really know when to stop talking. when im hyper i NEVER shut up. Call me pretty or cute or anything of that nature and i call you a liar that just how it goes. i will give hugs to anyone. i am not you typical 14 year old female. dont like it? BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS! yes i am a nice person if your nice to me. YOUR NOT MY MOM. so dont tell me i wear too much eyeliner...actaully i'd wear more but im almost out. i cant spell so dont correct me. i'm not im english class when i talk to you. I talk in quotes alot. need advice?? Im your chick. shoot me and message and ill be happy to help. i can be your best friend orr your worse nightmare your choice. favortie song at the moment nicki f.m. hawthrone heights. or kissing you goodbye by the used. Birthday you ask? Well its March 30th dont forget. i have lots of obesstions but you are not one of them. I love pissing people off that i dont respect. its kinda my hobby.
Nov 26 2009 9:57AM
More about me::
i have random moment. i always have too pee. yeah i had to put that in there. i dont really care what you think of trying to change for the better. I want and getting my tounge pierced soon which im very happy about. i cant get my lip cut "it looks tacky"--My moms bf. (i disagree tho) . i AM stupid most of the time I live fer blonde moments. i love having fun but i can get pretty down to earth tooo. i love to hear about peoples problems and no im not kidding i wanna be in psychology. You Will never meet anyone just like me Im One-Of-A-Kind :) I bite. Not very hard tho. just the kinky type of biting. Im not a whore or stank and/or hoe call me on i will never talk to you again and probablly yell at you. I love writing. (even tho i suck!) check out my blog(on playlist) if you want proof I love my eyes. there green. but outside there grassy green not the **** grass tho like the really pretty bright grass I'm Horrible at a thing called love. i am almost ALWAYS single. but thats fine with me. Dont make me fall fer you if your not gonna catch me is all i ask. Im NOT emo. Im Chelsea. Please dont lable me i am NOT a soup can.
i have bipolar moments. dont mess with me or my friends ill kick you ass. i promise you that much. i always try and keep my promises.
I will NOT change for anyone but dont try and unless you lived my life don't judge me because you don't know,
never have & never will know every little thing & detail about me.
Have a nice day!


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Feb 14 2010 11:01PM

Hαρρу Vαιэитιизѕ Dαу!!!♥ &ILoveYouu♥
Dec 25 2009 4:11PM

Merry Xmas. ((:
Nov 29 2009 3:14PM

C's Rockk! (:
Nov 27 2009 5:18PM

Why? what happened?
x♥Lulu Murderx♥
Nov 27 2009 2:21PM

You're weird.
x♥Lulu Murderx♥
Nov 27 2009 2:05PM

x♥Lulu Murderx♥
Nov 27 2009 2:05PM

Nov 26 2009 8:28PM

Merry get fat day to you too :o
x♥Lulu Murderx♥
Nov 26 2009 2:37PM

That's not nice Missy!
Lol :D
x♥Lulu Murderx♥
Nov 26 2009 9:45AM

I'm gonna throw a Turkey at Max
Heehee ^.^
I'm so evil :]
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