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none of your bissness, Bahamas
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- High off love.

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Jul 6 2011 10:41PM

- Yeaa That Wassa Good Tym.
Jul 6 2011 10:31PM

- Haha Okkay Then. O.O :)
- Me Either.
- Yeaa Nd We Got Cot By My Mom So She Helped Us Get 'Em Off. Hahaha
- That Was Fun Nd Funny.
- Fuk Im Happy She Never Told Yhuur Dad Or He Wuuldaa Killed Me.
- He Wuuld Always Get Mad Wen I'd Give Yhuu A Hug.
- Yhuu Dad Is Scaryy. Lol
Jul 6 2011 10:18PM

- Hahaha God Damn Thass Intence.
- That'd Be Pretty Hot. xD
- Nd Yeaa My Tongue Ring Is Getting Lonley.
- Since Yhuu Aint Here.
- I Like Yhuur Tonguee Ring To. :)
Jul 6 2011 10:11PM

- Yhuu Wuuldn't Jump My Bonez If We Were In Public. lol
- I Was Okkay.
- Nd Yeaa Imma Get Snake Bytzz To Match My Tongue.
Jul 6 2011 10:02PM

- Yeaa I Biin Thinkiin Bout It.
- Im Miss My Black Huur. :(
- 2Nitee I Mitee Die My Hair Bakk.
- But Im Definatly Gonna Get My Lip Peirced.
- :)
Jul 6 2011 7:12PM

- Hell Yeaa I Make People Laugh All The Tymz. lol
- Okkkay Yhuu Use Yhuu Fonee Nd I'll Use Mynnz.
- Yeaa Shes Awake Im Feeding Her Her Her Bottle.
- Heyy Mommy Yhuu Got My BBM #.??
Jul 6 2011 7:03PM

- Yeaa IKno Both Of Them Got Off.
- Nd I Love Talkiin 2 Yhuu 2.
- Nd Yeaa She Got It All Over The Screen.
- Im Happy I Found My Chargers. lollz.
Jul 6 2011 6:02PM

- Lmao. I Thot That Shyiit Sed "Dildo" Man Im Laugh So Hard Ritee Now.
- He Even Looks Lykk 1. Haha
- I Take Care Of It.
Jul 6 2011 5:58PM

- Wats His Name.??
Jul 6 2011 6:42AM

- Okkay Good Nitee Sleep Titee.
- I Love Yhuu 2. Nd Tty2m

- Nd P.S. 2 Other Peeps
- Yess We Made Up "Tty2m"
- Cuzz We So Ghee' Lykk That.:)
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