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Living My Fairytale Inn, Fiji
About Me:
KaylinHopeDavis....When we talk i get butterflys; Singlee ;D. Hmu, Just DONT be boringg(: NeverGiveUpBabe<3(:

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Nov 23 2010 7:15PM
Princess of my dreams! <3
This girl,
she is my whole world!
she makes me smile,laugh,and happy.
im glad i know and am taken by my babygirl kaylin.
kaylin,you are beautiful!
i dont care what anyone says!
you have made me soo lucky and happy and everyway.
i hope your fairytale is everything you hoped it be.
i love you babygirl!
<3 your prince Casey
Nov 23 2010 5:58PM
Ownageeee hoe xD
Boobz - Ray:)
Head -
Nose -
Lips -Sarah
Hair -
Eyes -
***** -
Heart -
Smile -
Legs -
tummy -
Ass -
Abs -
Whole Body-
Nov 23 2010 1:20PM
What Chu Think Of Meh?
0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!?
1 = Definetly not attractive.
2 = Decent
3 = Cute
4 = Fine as hell!
5 = I'd do you.
6 = Pretty damn sexy!
7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!!
8 = I wanna make you my man/girl.
9 = Just a friend.
10 = Sexiest person I know!
11= Ya, I've checked you out a few times.
12 = i wanna **** u
13.= Let's get married
Nov 23 2010 1:39AM
Hacked By Dee GummehBearz
SarahBoo && Shelbie Here!;;;
This Chicka Rightt hurr is ABSOULUTLY AWSHUMEE && AMAZING!
Dont hateee onn Hurr Swagga! xD She is our Hoee! Hehehehehehe
Welshh Mrs.Kaylin...We love u SuperlyMuch!♥
Nov 23 2010 12:53AM
gah how much can devon right about her?
hehe im hacking again (psh and i could write forever about this girl)
shes so amazing how could u not write forever about her
shes the best thing thats ever happened to me
and im so lucky to know her
she knows me better then anyone does
shes my everything even though i dont have her
wish i did
but i dont
but god shes so so amazing in every single way
i cant point out a flaw in her and the small flaws she may have i love
cause they make her her
and i love her forever and always<3
Nov 22 2010 11:01PM
Kso, Me and Sarah are trying to talk Dylan into makeing one of these.
He said that he would only do it if Sarah did something for him.
Well she went and made him and Drink then was like "there go DylanBear i did somethin"
Soo now he hass to make one(: And we pushed him out of the rolly chair!
Hehe All cause he wasnt that specific about what he wanted
SarahBoo to do. Hehehee we are sooo evil<3
Nov 22 2010 8:11PM
Heylo It's R.A.Y here.. haha hacking ms.kaylin (: Well ms.kaylin.. your quite the funny one, arentchya?
Your very nice, and funny, and you have super amazing hair
I said funny twice.. what the bloody -mutters-...hell. Anywhoo your one of my friends, and I hope I can get 2 know you better as time goes on (: but from what I know so far your scrumdiddlyumptious and any time u come 'n visit england, (unless u already live there) <<.< feel free to visit me <3 Welp i consider this a lame blog.. let's see ZOMBIE BUNNY LUVS MS.KAYLIN

Nov 22 2010 7:58PM
Im feelin so white
Kaylin i love this girl
she is like the best
and she helps me take care of our amazing unicorn(jerry]
And she is happy which makes me happy
Kaylin you are beautiful
and i know i could always trust you
your so much fun to talk to
-gives you a cupcake-
chacha told me to xD
well i better geet back on my account
-Kyle(skyle:] )
Nov 22 2010 7:40PM
Haha SarahBoo Hurr;;
this girl amazes mee like bigg time! she is alwayss on my mind.
And i wouldnt want itt any other wayy! Hehe she is like my sister,, and i never ever wanna lose hur.
ShineKaylinHopeDavis; you are simply Ahhh-mazing love! Casey is lucky(:
Well the now i think its time to get off ur account && Hang out with u(:
Nov 21 2010 11:17PM
devon hacks again =OO
hehe so i already messed up with this girl a bit but i really really love her
im really in love with her
and i know i was bad in the past
but she really did change me
i dont want anyone but her she means the world 2 me
i wish i was lucky enough to have her
she is the best thing that has ever ever happened to me
she owns my heart and always will
i would give my life for her she is perfect in always
i wuv her
more then anyone there is
ill never hurt her ever and if someone else does ill hurt them
she deserves the best in the whole world
i wish i was that
<3 this is my heart kaylin see its on ur page u own it forever and always


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Nov 23 2010 12:55PM

Ayy Baby.
Haha Miss Chu like alot...Ur all dats been going thru my mind.
Forever&Ever Babe. Yew,SarahBoo,&&Stormy..My Girlz.♥
Love u Babe
Nov 23 2010 1:03AM

sexy ;DDDD
Nov 23 2010 12:57AM

XDD hehe i think ur perfect
Nov 23 2010 12:54AM

hehe i did ^_^ gah ur so amazing
Nov 23 2010 12:45AM

awh hehe i like it more too =O im still not on urs anymore hehe but but i still love u the most
Nov 23 2010 12:37AM

your way more amazing then me ur the deffention of amazing and gorgeous and beautiful
Nov 23 2010 12:32AM

psh i love you way more hehe -hugs u and holds u- ur amazing hehe
Nov 23 2010 12:28AM

hehe i love you soo much ur my everything even though i dont have u
Nov 21 2010 2:11AM

Thank you for the comment Kaylin
and you are aboslutlely amazing to
and no our unicorn will be like both of us

love ya 2
Nov 20 2010 6:43PM

i really really do love u alot
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