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Eating Tacos In, United States
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Candice <33 Im Not Perfect.

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Aug 5 2010 2:23PM
Hi,Im Candice(: Im 15 Years Since July 7th.
Im Single.Im Not Bisexual.I Sometimes Fall In Love
Quickly.Just Sorta Depends.Im Not The Religious
Type Either .I Dont Go To Church .I Like To Play Soccer.
For All You Who Think Im Fake Playlist Is On My Page.
Im Nice As Long As Your Not A Biitch Towards Me.
I Don't Do The Whole Smoking Thing But I Drink Sometimes.
I Think I Told You Everything You Need To Know.
Message Me I Doubt You Will Regret It.


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Aug 6 2010 12:03AM

First Comment!
&& First Friend.
Woah how epic?
Very epic.
Well, Candice is my new bestfriend.
&& you wouldnt believe it.
We have Super Secret Powers.
Talking about something epic.
That's pree epic.
Welp, *takes comment virginty and eat page*
Your page is forever mine! And Ooo Yummy.!
And now its not only me that think my high fives are sexy.
Well this comment unfortunatly has to come to an end.
So Bye Bye,

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