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Monica'z Buttonz!! :P (aka MomO] Need ta kno anythin mo juss ask [: No Bullsh!t baby! H@Terz R mi MOtiVaterz. All Dat Mess U wanna Tok Juss Grab It n Bag it H0nNey, I dnt PlaY dat Game ;) Sup@ Sweet If Ya Get ta Kno Me Rightt (:

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Dec 8 2010 10:54PM
sorry this is stupid. imma stick wit myspace lol love you all (my special friend :P ) sorry bye
Nov 27 2010 7:15PM
Hiizz :)
Hey Add meh!


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yung drew
Feb 22 2011 6:34PM

wassup baby
yung drew
Dec 8 2010 12:57AM

i will beat any nigga ass if u get at mi girl the wrong way i been boxing since i was 8 and i got the hands cuz i was born in the hood love u monica aka buttonz
Dec 7 2010 8:44PM

U laugh because im wierd, i laugh because your ugly! lol jk
ghetto supastar
Dec 5 2010 12:25AM

Oh aright boo boo:) buttinz juss bein herself:)
Dec 5 2010 12:04AM

dont worry bout it booskiez, Buttonz bein stupid.
ghetto supastar
Dec 1 2010 12:08AM

Was no funny?
Nov 28 2010 7:57PM

Stop. its not funny.
Nov 28 2010 7:40PM

Not funny
yung drew
Nov 27 2010 11:13PM

yeah its tha nigga slick and ill snatch yo b**** if u wanna hate then ill toe tag yo shyt wild n out let the chevy swang stupid like orangotans and my woman over evrythang

c most niggaz say money ova the woman but i can make that dough anytime kickin it wit tha lady isnt sumthn i do all the time
yung drew
Nov 27 2010 1:14PM

this mi lil mama i dont give a **** wut anybody think bout me imma real ass nigga
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