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love me, hate me, block me, add me, msg me, kiss me (dont), hug me, fug me(no), scared, lonley, afraid of the dark, i hate life, puts on a brave face, gets hurt on a basis, really emotional, help me
broken hearted, hated, confued, psychosis, act black, funny, dont give a fuck about money, i just want luv, obsession, just me being me, insane, haters kiss my ass, s.p., dont play.

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May 12 2011 12:27PM
wow just stfu
yes i lied im NOT a boy im a girl iderk/w i lied v.v im so soo sorry but i gave you guys like a million hints like " i have a girl's body", "i have a girl personally", "suck my clit" now the last one just makes yall stupid -.- but stop calling me a b**** ik i am but im sorry.
May 12 2011 8:06AM
any luck will doo
paste this to four other groups.
If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday.
But if you read this and do not paste this, then you
will have very bad luck.
May 11 2011 11:23PM
tiered peace
im gonna go to sleep
May 11 2011 9:58PM
hopefully someone can love me one day
singlle im bi but girls only, if you promise to never break my heart a guy can too (: plz dont hurt me ):
May 11 2011 9:53PM
kill me
talk plz
May 11 2011 9:44PM
hm i hate myself
in love but she dosent love me v.v
May 11 2011 9:07PM
no i dont
Message from xXxUglyNerdxXx

From: xXxUglyNerdxXx
Date: May 11 2011 9:03PM
Subject: RE: hey

you cheat on every girl and all you want is to **** them v.v

i did that a long time ago but ive changed, i never cheated on you
May 11 2011 9:04PM
i feel so worthless i feel like im nothing so lonley
May 11 2011 8:37PM
**** love :'(
msg me plz anyone
May 11 2011 8:25PM
oh wow now i have to try to get over another girl and i have a pic that reminds me of her everytime v.v i didnt do anything wrong today but i still get my heart broken. v.v


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May 8 2011 11:09AM

The shortest word I know is "I"
The sweetest word I know is "Love"
The word I`ll never forget is "you"

Baby I love you, forever and for always!
May 6 2011 4:55PM

I`m gonna go watch my anime, be back in 30min
May 6 2011 4:54PM

This is ****ing boring xD
May 6 2011 4:53PM

If you don`t get on I`m going to cry, because I`m bored... outta my ****ing mind
May 6 2011 4:51PM

Children in the dark cause accidents,
Accidents in the dark cause children. ;)
May 6 2011 4:49PM

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Get your ass on,
before I rape you.

I wrote that :O
May 6 2011 4:48PM

Nobody dies a virgin because life ****s us all
May 6 2011 4:46PM

Bunnies are smexi! :O
May 6 2011 4:45PM

I love you more than fat people love cake :O
May 6 2011 3:33PM

:O did she just call me ugly? holy **** that b**** is stupid
↓She is uglier xD
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