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I'm David, Dave, Davey. Whatever tickles your peach, eh? I live in my own little world, but it's okay, they know me heere.

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Jan 18 2011 3:12PM
cuz i'm broken. when i'm lonesome.
Jan 17 2011 7:43PM
let the bodies hit the floor.
Jan 17 2011 1:22PM
watching alice in wonderland wit jess and G.
Jan 16 2011 1:21PM
i'm okay now.
you really need to listen to me, cause i'm telling you the truth. i mean it, i'm okay. trust me, i'm not okay. i'm not okay.
Jan 16 2011 12:29PM
dont msg me using a <3 cuz i wont be able to read it
Jan 16 2011 11:25AM
old people give me a rash.
Jan 16 2011 11:12AM
i think we should whisper. <3
Jan 10 2011 7:08PM
Jess, bro. I love you, man.
Jan 9 2011 10:43PM
As a wise man once said:
"..In the end it doesn't even matter"
-Linkin Park.


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Shaelynn ♥.
Jan 18 2011 3:29PM

You're cute, js.
kbye <3.
Shaelynn ♥.
Jan 16 2011 12:27PM

Why yes, you're right, we really do need to talk more. <3
Dec 5 2010 12:49PM

David, I love you brutha.
You'ree always there when I need you, & sometimes even when I don't.
I'm extremely happy you have become my brother, even thhough sometimes you can be a pain in the asssss.
I still love you man. If anything ever were to happen to you, I believe I'd lose my mind.
I never imagined us ever being this close, as a family.
Even when the worse sh!t is going down, I know I can count on you to be there.
I am so sorry for anything and everything, mean, rude, doucheyyy, anything I have ever said to hurt you.
I hope you find somewhere in that big heart of yours, to forgive me..<3
I love you, man.
-Your brother, Jessie. :]

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