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Manchster ,Conn, United States
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I am a girl that skateboards because its my life..And im a emo goth chick. So yea deal with it! But w/e!

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May 28 2011 1:19PM
Find me
Hey you can find me on face book as, Brooke Eats Dinosaurs , lol find me my friends
Oct 19 2010 9:27PM
Hey im never on because my computer is broken:(
Apr 27 2010 8:15PM
Im going to get
Im going to get a new pic soon... Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 27 2010 8:14PM
Emo might be a bad thing to u but its not.... so people dont hate me cause i cut myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 3 2010 9:52PM
People here seem not to like me so im not coming on for a long time till they get over it. So i'll be on to check messages and wat not , then i'll leave. So ^^Peace out^^
Jan 2 2010 6:45PM
But i g2g i'll be on soon but not now luvs u all!Bye!
Dec 31 2009 11:50PM
I g2g
So happy New Year and luvs u all! ur truly -Brookie-
Dec 29 2009 9:40PM
I need a little TLC
I need a little TLC, cause no one is there for me!
Dec 29 2009 9:32PM
I'm so bored
I'm so bored and no one is talking to me! :(it's not fair!
Dec 29 2009 5:27PM
A couple
A couple of days till New Years eve!


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Apr 9 2010 11:48PM

y did u turn emo
Dec 31 2009 5:38PM

u said u were going comet bak please
Dec 21 2009 5:43PM

^^^^max love^^^^
Dec 20 2009 12:58PM

hey there buddie

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