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I've learned not to give a fuuck anymore! <3

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Sep 7 2012 5:52PM
SUCK IT!!!!!!!!
Jul 1 2012 12:44AM
Holy shiit
I havent been on here in a while.
Well tomorrow goin shrimpin with my sister her boyfriend and my best friend.
Yeah buddy!
Found out who my REAL friends are!
Fuuck all you fake fuuckers!
Jun 5 2012 9:42PM
Im stuck in a pickle,
Dont know what to do.

but other than that im happy.
I finally did it.
I got my fuucking nipples pierced.
I dont give a fuuck.. :)
Apr 3 2012 10:33PM
Im in this kind of mood....
Where i say fuuck everybody.
I just wanna crawl in a hole and die.
Nothing goes right.
its always something after the other..
Apr 1 2012 11:58PM
So happy(:
Got to see my boyfriend today(:
He took me to the movies(:
and then soon im gonna be makin some money(:
im gonna be bankin'
hell yeah
Mar 15 2012 4:27PM
Holy shiit
I havent been on here in a while.
But anyway lovin' life. :)
I love my boyfriend <3
and everybody that is in my life.
Fuuck all you fake ass mother fuuckers! ha
Jan 5 2012 7:47PM
Lovin'Life <3
Im lovin' the way im livin' my life right now.
its about that cold beer in the hand
and hanging with some friends
and just havin' a good time (: <3
Havin' Bonfire's (:
Nov 21 2011 3:13PM
:D <3333
Nov 6 2011 2:43PM
I hope you know you'r looking like a fuucking idiot.
I tried to fuucking warn you,
But you dont wanna listen to me at all.
Wow cant believe you gonna take his side when you've known me sense fuucking 4th grade.
Alright just dont come running to me when you get her or he fuucks you over.
Because all im gonna say is i told you so.
Or when hes in fuucking jail.
You barley know him and your like oh hes like a brother to me.
Niigga you just fuucking met him. Ugh.
you dont know how much this pisses me off.
im tired of trying to help when all i get is a fuuck you.
So im fuucking done.
Im gonna let you do whatever you want and dont come running to me when you need something or when something went wrong. Your just being fuucking stupid. and you dont see what everybody else see's and thats right thats how you always are. even with me.
Oct 9 2011 8:05PM
real fuucking shiiit.
I hate fake people, and i hate how apparently your true friends say they're there for you but really where are they? or they treat you like or let there other friend treat you like shiit and not say anything about it.. im tired of getting walked all over.. you wanna be nice to people but they just wanna walk all over you. well hell no not for me. not fuucking happen to me no more. ****ts gonna get real now and i wouldnt fuuck with me or you'll see a real fuucking b**** coming out. im tired of everything people think they can do whatever shiit they want with me nope shiit aint happen no more. just fuucking saying.


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Jun 9 2011 6:13PM

Hehe you best love mee fooool <3
Jun 5 2011 11:09PM

i love you. dont forget that <3
Jan 11 2011 5:35AM

Awww thanks boo (:
& hmmm , maybe ;D !
ill see, cause i might go to a birthday party :33.
i Love you ;D
Aug 2 2010 6:37PM

OH ! Brookes a sexy Man Chocolaty BEAST ^___^
Aug 2 2010 6:17PM

Lol ^__^
idk wheneverr i guess (;
Aug 2 2010 6:15PM

i Love you too Boo.
yeah. Samii told me the same thing.
when u wanna chill? xD
Jul 18 2010 5:27AM

i Love you boo!

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