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Aug 5 2011 10:14PM
Double Burgers!
I'm eating a hamburger...

And playing Papa's Burgeria!

What a coincidence!
Jul 11 2011 9:49PM
Yay! I reached 400 Views!

Elephant Quest and Papa's Taco Mia!

Play those games; You'll love 'em!

Bye for now!
Jul 11 2011 12:12AM
New Favorite Game!!!
Papa's Taco Mia!

Play it! It's really fun!
Jul 9 2011 10:39PM
Duck Life 3!

Duck Life 3!!!
Jun 28 2011 1:25PM
Long Time No See!
I haven't been here since New Year's Eve!
A lot has happened since then:

- I turned 18 on April 30th!
- I graduated high school on June 11th!
- I passed my driver's test (the written one) on June 26th!

Today I get my driver's permit!
Then I need to drive 6 hours on the road with an instructor.
Then I get my license!
To drive!
Dec 30 2010 4:06PM
New Computer!
I haven't been here for a while... Two months!

I got a new computer for Christmas! It's a Sony VAIO.
Cost my Dad $2,000!

Oh well - Duck Life!
Oct 17 2010 5:21PM

I'm popular! :--)

I almost have 200 Views!
Oct 6 2010 8:07AM
Tornado In Arizona!
There was a tornado today!

I was sitting outside, and all of a sudden the sky turned green in the East!
I heard a rumbling sound.

It was getting closer... And closer...
And closer, and then it started to rain really hard!

Next thing you know, a huge gust of wind came!

Me and my mom were outside looking for our cat, Stephen. (Yes, we have a cat named Stephen...)
He ran and hid from all the rain.

The rain and wind got too strong, so we had to run in the house.
As we were running in, we started to get bombed with golf ball sized hail!

The tornado lasted about 5-10 minutes.
When it was over, our entire yard was covered with hail.
It didn't do any damage to our house, but our truck has a busted out window.

About 15 minutes later, the sun came out.
Stephen came home, and everyone was safe.

It wasn't a big tornado, not even an F1.
But it WAS a tornado, I know it was.

It seems like it hit only our neighborhood.
But at least it's over now...

Strange weather for a place that's usually 100*F in October, don't you think?
Oct 2 2010 3:15PM
Long Farm Fun Cheat (It's A Must Read!)
To all the fans of Farm Fun, I want to share a cheat with you! You may have seen it in the cheats section and/or the comments section of Farm Fun... But I'm posting it here too, so all my fans and friends can read it and maybe learn from it. Or if you are just curious of the way I set up my farm, read ahead! :-)

I just wanted to share with you the order of which I set up my farm. I will tell you that the game is slow at first, as you know. You'll have to start out with carrots and work your way up. And you only have 8 tracks of land (or was it 4?) Anyway, I will list my finished farm in order from top to bottom, left to right. Here we go:

Top: Fountain, Silo, Barn, Pigs, Pigs, Barn, Silo, Windmill
Next: Gnome, Stable, Grape, Grape, Grape, Grape, Stable, Wishing Well
Next: Flamingo, Mansion, Grape, Grape, Grape, Grape, Mansion, Light House
Bottom: Gargoyle, Silo, Barn, Cows, Cows, Barn, Silo, Bridge

Oh, I almost forgot: Put a farm feeder on every cow and pig pen, that way your animals don't die. Put a sprinkler on all of your crops for the same reason. And if you want to get it done faster (and who doesn't?) put a harvester and a plow on each of your crops. They are essential!

So there you have it! I'm finished with my cheat!... Actually, it's so long that it's more like a walk through! Anyway, thank you SO much for reading this long long cheat!... If you like, you are welcome to leave a question or comment on my profile. I will accept all friend requests too. Good luck and have fun with Farm Fun!

(And if you haven't tried it, please do! If you have the same taste in games as me, you'll love it!)
Sep 30 2010 3:04AM
1st Blog!
I'm Brittany!

This Is My 1st Day On!
I Am Addicted To Duck Life!
That Is Why I Joined!


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