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Hey the names Bri im a unique and outgoing girl and that sure as hell wont change. I live life to the fullest and dont take shit from know one. Im crazy and spunky and just like to have a good time. So hit me up!

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Dec 25 2010 1:17AM
gone -Bri
i see you but you don't see me
in this world of complete and utter tragedy.
What have we come to?
Where is the love that once kept us strong?
We were once so alive
nothing could have broken us
we were as strong as we could ever be.
But then we lost it
then it left
the once magical feeling
we both had shared is now gone forever.


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Dec 23 2010 8:14PM

Haha. I love you and I'm the first to comment! So yeah. I'm your bestfriend, aka, sister for life. Haha. I love you so much and I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope you have fun on this site.. Otherwise.. It was nice to know I wasted a phone call telling you about it. Haha. Just kidding boo boo. Can't wait to spend tonight and tomorrow with you and our favorite boy's in the world! I love you!

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