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My name is Sam. If u wanna know more, HMU

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Oct 13 2009 9:01PM
Rap 36(Elite Stats) Final Rap Blog
im br33zy, my life come easy, no wait, hold i can't feel my face, ha. yea let me get rite to it, no i dont quit i just strive rite through it, maybe thrive cuz u'll get robbed, i just pick two pockets make u feel sad and make u sob, u wont understand my flow unless u take a lesson, read it real slow hold just wait a second, feel my words, understand my diction, what i spit is too real, it cant be fiction, i live what i say, i rock what i wear, hate on Br33zy would u think i'd care, uh, ****, ****, ****, i feel sick , feel like i been dead then came back like this, this is new since august i didnt rap, had to show my new style and show im black, no not racist, i hang wit all races, i hang wit da blue, yellow,and da red faces, da name is sam known as Br33zy, im flying away, never again will u see me.
Apr 30 2009 7:49PM
Rap 35, Im back!!!
yo im back and dis here is a vengance, came back cuz niggaz aint kno and aint got no patience, if u look at da boi u kno he got game, came from a hood where niggaz not fame-, us we can see if a nigga iz wack, if he iz we'll tell him to get his azz back, don't want a ****ty **** nigga to get here in my face, **** around wit his momz make him feel outta place, if he get mad pop a shot in his face, pop a clip on his b**** throw it in his ****, make him lose his taste, bust on his knees, he'll lose da caps, break his ****in shin, now tell him i kin, damn i mean can and will destroy him, if he got a prob he could get whipped, dont get pissed only get ticked, im gon rite now but i'll be back in a min.
Sep 30 2008 3:41PM
Rap 34
i got heat so big nigga aint kno, whats gon on til da nigga hit dat flo, yo man i got a banger dat cut up niggaz like a knife, come round my hood and u can lose ya damn life, i come get ya and slice u up wit my choppa, cut off ya mans now ya gurl big poppa, u kno i cant sleep so i got 9 in my chamber, pistol on deck so watch my damn fanger, get u out cuz **** been slick and i cant trust ya ass, nigga im sorry but u bein hard got u actin an ass, yea b**** u mad cuz i came up and stole ya chick last night, she did a pretty huge **** with no prob and no fight, i kno u pissed so dont wet ya pants cuz im too brutal, if u did im sorry but niggaz round here reall do hate u, so breezy out and yes im not comin back cuz ya ***** ass not gon stop, actin gay and u might try to snitch on me and my crew but we still kill a cop, peace out nigga and dont joc off my ****, next time i talk to ya azz ***** boi u gon get hit, BREEZY!!!
Sep 29 2008 4:36PM
skit 5
yo let me tell u how i got a grizzy but itz on my grind when i got da game,i tell niggaz dub b or breezy boi and they still wanna kno my name, dont kno whats wrong wit em but i tell a nigga watch ya azz, cuz if u dont im gon still ya chick when im off my game wit no class, sorry if i get too explicit but its gon be blanked out, **** any man who think he can step up to me cuz he'll get killed and yall kno who to thank about, i dont kill but if ppl push me then who knows, i dont even know but i will stay fly and get hoez, naw breezy from philly but got da country in my blood, my grandpa from atl so i got country music on my ipod, me and my iphone on deck in my nice azz car, still cant drive it but soon or later i'll be 18 and i can go to a bar, get drunk, **** around wit ppl for a bit and get wild, get crunk and start screamin for me b4 it get too mild, dis not a skit its a rap but its called a skit cuz dats what i named it so don't trip, im gon rock red 4ever cuz im a blood and never gon go to a crip.
Sep 22 2008 5:41PM
Skit 4
i got my cup tilted cuz im on ****, so tired of dis grind cuz ya mom on my ****, naw nigga im not sorry cuz im serious and u mad, just go back to ya corner and cry cuz ya life just sad, if u don't call me breezy then call me sam and if u don't then shut da **** up, call me by my name or else u get capped and u can get cut, i shine so damn bright dat my light blindin u niggaz, im a hustla like cassidy or even my nigga jigga, i think u gay cuz ya clothes tight but u say dat da style, so what u can do iz come to my hood bet u can't last a while, breezy out holla when im in my hood, if u come around don't come alone or else u ain't gon be no more good
Sep 20 2008 3:17PM
skit 3
im a goon and im a blood so what, niggaz say u can't be both but who gives a ****, breezy boi fresh dat i get money like a bank, dats where i live so if i get robbed u get shank, money bustin out dat windows cuz my crib too small, dat mean my money big and dat **** real tall, ****loads of green paper comin from my hustle, niggaz pay me on time cuz they dont wanna knuckle, me and my cuz set these niggaz straight, so if they confused then they wont be gay, get bucked by me and not lke young buck, im a young nigga dat kno how to ****, a chick kno what it iz when she ****in wit me, if she dont then she dont kno breezy, im done cuz niggaz aint hearin and think im a joke, i'll go by they crib and kill every last one of their folk
Sep 19 2008 9:08PM
skit 2
yo my name iz sam and im super clean, when i smile my ice show dat im mean, freestyling on websites and at my crib iz what i do, gotta problem than ya face meet da bottom of my shoe, face so nice dat chicks call me fine and sexy, only girl for me iz lataya and she nice plus catchy, she fly and nice just like her man, breezy boi iz her man so watch out for dat nigga sam, she fell for me like how humpty dumpty fell off his wall, naw not like kanye but all iz down but didn't fall, holla at ya boi breezy for dis iz it, alwayz gon be a blood never a damn crip
Sep 18 2008 6:13PM
no more raps
yo dis ya nigga sam and i aint posting no more raps im only doin skits then i might start doin raps again but im just gon do skits.
Sep 18 2008 6:10PM
Skit 1
yo listen if u aint kno sam aint no sucka, no im no punk nor a mutha****a, im real G and im dubB so watch ya tone, talk to me wrong u can lose ya life and ya seat on dat throne, **** outta here u **** azz nigga and leave my hood, u couldn't be wit us even if u knew u could, **** around and lose **** like ya small manz, cant bull **** me cuz im dat man sam, never small alwayz big so i never lose, punk azz nigga couldnt live in my shoes
Sep 17 2008 7:08PM
Freestyle feat. T(rap 33)
yo im back wit my cuz T and me yall kno how we roll, yea sam tell im too hard for dis **** so im might just go, naw T cant do dat first we gotta do dis, what u mean homie im too crazy for dis ****, iight do what u want im gon stay so i can rap, see ya later cuz maybe u can have my back, produce my **** and help write my stuff, nigga u should rap cuz u actin like a bluff, so listen im chillin in my car which i can't drive yet, leave out and got to my crib so i can make a bet, watchin football and bettin my money on a play, if i win nigga betta hurry up and pay, i'll give u a full 24 hours b4 i come after u and u gone, i bet u'll feel me by da end of dis song, yo T give em a lil b4 i get finish, give em a lil time so dat they can replemish, yo dis here be T wit ya nigga breezy, i could call my nigga J and my nigga dub G, ridin around wit my goons in ya hood wit full of crips, me and sam bloodz and we kill low life crips, call any1 u want but u gon die while callin, cops start comin me and my niggaz be out and hawlin, sam, T, J, Mylik, and every1 else dats bloodz scream for ya boi who, tell every1 who not bloodz da cry for da reds called dat zoowoo, yo sam i ain't done so im gon just get to da end, nigga **** around and meet my lil friend, peace da **** out from T and my lil cuz, my nigga breezy, real bloodz like only come from da real hoodz like dat nigga name weezy


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Jan 1 2010 5:53PM

Happy new Yearz:P
Hope it was a good one:)
Oct 27 2009 8:45PM

▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ International Beauty Property. Copyright2009
I own u now ^.^
Oct 26 2009 1:50PM

wat up bro
add mii on myspace whn u can bro
Jan 19 2009 3:39PM

♥♥Hey juss wanna show u sum love on our page...Return it when u can♥♥
♥♥Ble Ble♥♥
Oct 20 2008 2:25PM

aye sammy,wanna show u sum love.hit me up on myspace iight? nd show sum love when u can. iight i'm out pce
Sep 22 2008 8:27PM

baby im sorry but i don't want to be with you no more because i just don't feel that i should be with you. im sorry but you cut.
Sep 14 2008 9:01PM

baby im sorry for all the **** thats been happening, i forgive u and i still want to be together
Sep 9 2008 1:04PM

IF U WERE KILLED TOMORROW; I WOULDNT GO 2 UR FUNERAL CUZ ID B N JAIL 4 KILLING THE NIGGA THAT KILLED YOU ...., WE TRUE HOMIES WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER senD this 2 everyone you care about including me, if u get this 13 times u R a true homie. comments back sam breezy:)
Aug 30 2008 12:50PM

sup nigga! me, juss wanna show u sum luv. u kno:) u need it. lol iight peace
Jul 31 2008 5:42PM

wat up man!!!! this yo gurl Tatyana juss showin u sum luv 2 yo page,u and those raps!! they r tight as hell:) show sum luv back:)
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