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I QUIT. (June, 27, 2010)

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May 15 2010 2:01PM
Reddd be here :D
WELL what can i say...
BRAN is awe-****ing-mazing!!! I love this guy right here ;)
I like him just as much [[if not more]] THEN NOODLES :D
the guy is SEXAYY! , sweet, nice, and and well....just amazing :D
well bran ♥ ♥ I Ducking love you!
Talk to ya'll soon ;)
Loveee foreverrrr Redd ":)
May 15 2010 11:16AM
I can't think of a title, so this is as good as it gets ..
I don't have a nickname for you, so BRANDONNNNNNNNN!
I'm hacccking this pimp asss loser. (;
mhm, i could say a lot about him, but i don't think there are enough words to say it all.
this kid is pretty ****ing amazing if you ask me.

He makes me smile, he makes my day a whole **** load better, and he acually makes me happy.
I could texxt and talk to him ALL day.. about the most randonist ****!
llamas, weird and soggy cereal, and **** knows what else.
he's just a one of a kind kid. ^^

Sometimes he can be a little gay, such as when he says 'yay,' but I still think it's adorable!
I think about him a lot, more than I probably should. -_-
He's hilarious, amazing, pretty ****ing sexy, and sometimes a lil' bit .. odd.
I still lovee him thoughhh!

mhm, so i'ma go.
I'll texxt youu lataaa babeee! (;
- Miraaanddaaa!
May 13 2010 5:10PM
I love Noddles<33
Know this.
I'm here for you ALWAYS babe. Through anything and everything. Call my name and I'll be there.
Taking your side. Fighting for you!
I'll love you no matter what. Forever. Infinite Love. No matter what you do or say.<33
You are the only guy that's driven me this CRAZY! Insanely crazy..for you babe!
I'm jealous of everyone you talk to,,wishing you were by my side feeling the same.
I would give my LIFE for you Brandon. My life's not worth a whole lot..but if it means saving you
then I would do it in a heartbeat.
I re-read our messages when i'm down and need a smile. I wear a silly smile for you!
Imma COMPLETE sucker for ya Haha
I fall in love all over again every time I talk to you!..But you had me at the first Hello(:
Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me babe.
Thanks for just Simply being yourself.
I love you..Forever!<333
Feb 8 2010 7:28PM
Talk Shhhhiiiiit Get Hiitt (:
alo (: Hawee Here! well Haley xD hha
Brandon is THEE most funniest person (:
i love him to death Yo!
hes my bestfrann and somtimes more ? xD lmfao
well talk to him hes a great guy (:
love you brandon <3
Haleyy <33
Feb 7 2010 5:41PM
BranBran Is Hackedddd : )
BranBran You Are Amazing Even Tho You Tell Me Your Not!!!!!
Cause You Are : )
Hes The Funniest Most Randomest Person: )
I Love Talking To You ^^
Brandon I Love Youu!! : )
Well Youve Just Been Hacked By Caitlyn Ashlei Force ♥

Love You Brandon ♥ : )
Feb 5 2010 6:50PM
CuppyCakesWillKillYewAndEatYourMuffin!!!xD (that sounds wierd)
Someone's Hacking yew Bran Bran :O
And yew don't even know who it is.. :I Well,.. >> maybe yew do
Anywayy.......tish is boring soo
i like cupcakes... and I Love Yew like a Fran Fran..
Soo see yew later Bishh!!!!!!
(p.s. yew talks about the weirdest things with your "fweinds".. O-O)
Feb 4 2010 7:01PM
Seth Hacking!!!!!!!!!!!!<33333
This be Seth hacking BranBran!<3

Hehe I've only known this boi for a little while but it seems like 4eva! xD
Haha...I can tell we'll get along (:

He's random and funny and cute......
He's had me laughing since yesterday xD :3

Even though he won't share his cherries...I still love chu BranBran [ Brandon ]! xD

PS. You only shared 1 cherry! :'[ ( -Branbran : Lies! )
Feb 4 2010 6:11PM
:D selnel heerr
omg this is weeeeirrrd :3
seleneee herrrre! <3
hacking my bestie
i love youuuu <3
okay welll.....BYE!
Feb 4 2010 6:11PM
hah ai likey this xxDDD
hola bishh its Shayla here hahah i ish hacking my love brandon
i get to make cup cakes you are soo jello bish!!!
i woverz yew brandon xxDD

Feb 4 2010 3:47PM
Hewwo ;D
Im hacking Brandon (:
I lovee him to death Hes amazing <33.
I dont no how i would live without him.
Be rude to him or anythin i will kill you .
I love you to death Brandon you may not believe it but i do ;D
Love you <333


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Mar 8 2011 7:17AM

Yesterday was five months, love<3(:
Feb 22 2011 7:32AM

branbran i misses you : (
Dec 13 2010 11:23AM

Two months, and six days (:
I love you with all my heart<3
And, I read our messages over and over,
and your voice is what I live for.
You are perfect. There's no argument.
You're the only one for me, and you have my heart forever<3
I love you, Brandon.
And, even though you quit, yes.
I'm still commenting (;
Haha. Mwuah, I love you.
Nov 8 2010 7:03AM

Oh Brandon<3
Yesterday was a month(:
I love you.
Oct 9 2010 7:29PM

You said you loved nicole but you lied and shes heartacheing
Jul 4 2010 11:51PM

Hey (;
Jul 1 2010 4:37PM

we never message any more :(
i miss yhu!!
Jun 22 2010 12:50AM

i love yurrrrrrrrrr voice too(^.^)
nddd yesum it was!
Jun 18 2010 5:40PM

you're my sexy ass brit. <3
Jun 18 2010 11:48AM

YESUM my love
it was!!
I will never let it go!!!!
Just like chunky vagina! or
i love yur accent!!!
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