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y do you care, United States
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hey this is me ill talk to every one im not looking for a relationship boys but ill still talk.

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Jan 3 2014 5:50PM
bord :(
heyyy kinda bord
if you wanna measage me then do :)
if not than dont lol :P
Jan 1 2014 3:28PM
:( :D This will only happen to me lol
that moment when you go up to your friend and your like OMG
then you tell them
they stare at you ......then say yea you didnt no that xD
than you really didnt no that
Jan 1 2014 2:58PM
its a new year
so you think you would feel diffrent
better maby
but no you feel exactly the same
nothing to look forword to
just diffrent numbers on the calender
Dec 31 2013 5:45PM
1.gum: mint
2. restaurant: idk
3. drink: beer....root beer that is lol
4. season: Summer
5. type of weather: warm
6. type of emotion: happy
8. late-night activity: listening to music, sleeping
9. sport: track
10. city:idk
11. store: debs and gourmands

When was the last time you-
12. lied: today
13. played a sport: during track seasin last year
15. hugged someone: last day of school befor bread
16. kissed someone: Never
17. felt depressed: yeasterday
18. felt overworked: idk...
19. felt sick: today....cramps

What was the last-
20. word you said: by
21. thing you ate: pizza
22. song you listened to: reacking ball lol jk :D roils
23. last thing you drank: milk
24. place you went to: to town
25. movie you saw? elf
26. movie you rented: Idk...
27. movie you went to: idk
28.person you hugged: a boy
31. danced with: boy
32. shared a secret with: bff
33. had a sleepover with: idk...
34. kissed: no one
35. went to a movie with:idk
36. saw: brother
37. were angry with: my self
38. cant take your eyes off: no one

Have you ever-
40. danced in the rain: no
41. kissed someone: No
42. done drugs: No.
43. drank alcohol: Yup
Dec 29 2013 5:59PM
put NO GIRLFRIEND if boy
or TAKEN if ur taken
and a miracle will happen tonite
ps. dont ignore, youll regret it
repost in 1 min!!!!
Jul 10 2013 7:20PM
hey this is the last time im going to be on for a cupple days cuz im moving
i can only be on for a lil bit sooo by...for now
Jun 22 2013 8:06AM
i fixed it and the pic. is changed hahahahahaha
Jun 22 2013 7:42AM
i wanna change my pic but it wont let me !!!!1
can some one please help me????? please:/
Jun 14 2013 9:35AM
if you read this and dont send a measage back than i will be sad
What's your face color
why is it your face color
what's your Age
Do you like your age
If you could do Anthony Ianthe world what would it be
Why would you do that thing
Jun 14 2013 8:54AM
stupid ppl
Don't you just hate it when a person thinks they no it all when they don't. It just makes me so mad. Why cant people just mind there bussness.ger,.............I just think that ppl should not be up in everyones grill all the time. Just because you think you no what's going on does not meen that you do. So the next time you wanna say something to someone make sure you got all the facts. Cu's with your luck your just going to piss some ppl off.....


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Jul 8 2013 6:22PM

Since I am on your friends list I am gonna comment!
Well, have an awesome day!
funny bunnes
Jul 21 2012 11:55AM

I like that some one finely bloged some thing that no one wants to hear but every one knows is true.
Jul 19 2012 4:28PM

FIRST COMMENT VIRGINITY MINE!!! and on my birthday xD

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