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stunning daa peoplee's oof ;;, Aruba
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Dec 4 2012 6:36PM
play the role of the badass biitch ♥ .
trust no player ; fear no biitch,

give no pusssy ; suck no diick,

people who play games ; are full of shiit.

play the role of the ; badass biitch.
Nov 25 2012 8:21PM
Heyyyyyyyyyy , !
Lmao you've officially been hackedd by your ninjaaa' -Artaviuss
<3 (:
#G O N E
Nov 24 2012 10:05PM
hacked :p
Ha lol just how awesome we are, :)
Buuut we needa get our gangs upp
And we needa mafiaa thoughh (( :
Anywayy boss we have taught each other alot
; about our blackmailing ways lmfaoo
Fun timess and you helped keep my snapbacks
Soo thanks to the worlds awesomest boss <3
Nov 24 2012 9:38PM
Mark was here ^_^
Nov 22 2012 5:37PM
Heeaaay Hoooeee !
How's the street corner ? c:
You are fuccking EPIC.
You're there for me no matter what.
"I Would never be the same without you"
Bull xD But still you're an amazing person
I honestly don't know where I'd be if ;
you werent here to make fun of me over the shiit I tell you.
But anyways. You're great.
You're an amazing friend. You don't back out on me no matter what I do.
You keep my street corner intertained when I'm off duty and fucck.
Our arguments about Adam are just a thriller!
Oh and Adam Jayy Shawn and Tommy are mine c:
You cannot have my men. All mine. Anyways I'm done here xP
Lovee youuu sluuut.

-Jonathan Adam Ryan<3


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Dec 17 2012 4:48AM

K thanks lol
Dec 16 2012 10:49PM

Dec 15 2012 12:43PM

heyyyyyyy gurllyyyyyyyy hittin u up kidddd lol see ube writing maddd comments on my brother's page sooooo i call u his gurll now lmao
& showin u sum luvvv <3
Dec 15 2012 1:47AM

Lol u whack
Dec 15 2012 1:17AM

U know it takes no work for sloppy sex but a lot for good sex lol u give no effort
Nessaa ♥
Dec 14 2012 8:34PM

excuse your ratchetness , but did you forget to keep it classy <33333
Dec 14 2012 7:29AM

They know what I'm on.
I'm on Jayys ass
Nessaa ♥
Dec 14 2012 5:11AM

my ass . ♥
anyhoeee im donee . && soo should you be . remember guurl ; drunk not wasted ♥
bhahaha, now im stealing yo line tooo . but you still love me ^.^
Nessaa ♥
Dec 14 2012 5:08AM

suck my mothaaf'ucking diick <3
Nessaa ♥
Dec 14 2012 5:05AM

ewww, your scary ! but yeah i was.
&& too answer it before you even arsseekk, i was wit [ chazz ]
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