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cali!, United States
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machine gun mason :) hmu bored af Hmu?? Or nah? Massage me!!=)

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Feb 21 2014 12:21AM
Lol anyone?...No..okay..
Feb 20 2014 12:19AM
Birthday is tomorrow
Feb 11 2014 5:09PM
Follow me on Twitter @casbymason
Feb 5 2014 12:56AM
Kik anyone??=)
Jan 10 2014 6:50PM
kik meh
Kik anyone 123MASON456
Jan 5 2014 8:35PM
Duces to the site later everyone
Jan 3 2014 10:04PM
done with the site
Guys I think I'm done with this site if u wanna get a hold of me lol:123MASON456
Otherwise bye guys wish the best for u all
Dec 28 2013 7:45PM
Oh lol have fun bro
Dec 28 2013 7:34PM
That that's my nigga
Dec 28 2013 7:30PM
Lol pulled b****es or what?


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Feb 21 2014 3:50PM

Hi ****ing retarded losers with no friends

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