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harrington,DE, United States
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i luv my friends lik i luv sniffin gatorade... Xx{&&thats alot}xX ;D hummm if u wanna kno more about me message or comment me .... i ღ smilie faces <3 <3 ily

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Apr 24 2009 4:54PM
please no one get offended
of my step brothers they only get on here for fun
if u show them any emotion they'll egg u on.. to no end
if u don't lik wat they say dont message them back they'll get the drift...
they aren't aloud to sign under my name... also
if u add me they'll probally ignore u so don't try & be to friendly :)
thats all i luv u guys to death but the world has to be warned lolz
i wuv's u guys :)
wen ur not annoying :D
Apr 24 2009 4:07PM
i sung songs on the bus....
then i got the bus driver to sing wit me...
then the buss looked lik a slutty version of a musical lolz
it was horribly awesome and inane :)
Apr 14 2009 7:52PM
crap hav to get off again
srry zack and edward
Apr 14 2009 6:01PM
so far 3 victims
b/c when i get bored i harrass ppl's profile views.... when needed
if u want me too just tell me in a message
.... && yesh i'll do it to any one... more than once
Apr 11 2009 4:49PM

/▌This Is Bob Copy And Paste Him So He
/ \ Can Take Over MostFunGames
Feb 20 2009 6:17PM
soo yeah i just started gettin on this
and im a sickly twisted and dimented manafastaion of my own imangination ,,, and i spell words wrong for my own enjoyment so don't correct me ... it was tedious to learn english NOW ill use it as i please ... if u hav a problem w/this suck my left elbow :D


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Apr 25 2009 7:11PM

i dont think a tooth brush rill work be on tomorrow b-) :x
Apr 24 2009 5:16PM

thanx 4 the heart and iim the best be4 u 2 haha and im
going to keep the heart what u going to do now
Apr 24 2009 5:03PM

was up girl showing Luvs show some back i miss u
Apr 21 2009 8:09PM

hey hey hey last night was fun u was touchy lol
Apr 13 2009 11:04PM

heyy hav fun harrasin thaa number thingyy lmao xD
Apr 13 2009 11:30AM

hello anyone home than peace out
Apr 12 2009 10:53PM

i had an odd felling i wanted to be on here 3 times in a row 2 haha showing love again
Apr 12 2009 10:46PM

was up stooping 2 show ur page love show some back [ first comment]
Apr 7 2009 8:42PM


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