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LiL Rock, United States
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Short... Mexican.Spanish.Indian... A Roughhouser :P Very Sarcastic.... Hate: Milk, Spaghetti,Cats, Guys who think they're the shit.... Love: L.A. Teams : Dodgers & Lakers, Dogs, Chapstick, Music, Familia, Black & Blue.....

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Nov 2 2010 3:11AM
Me...How I Am...
You think I look sweet & nice? I can be, unless you do somethin or say somethin to piss me off. I WILL treat you the same damn way you treat me, & trust me I WILL make you cry =). If you don't like it, try being nicer to me. I'm the kinda person that's GONNA tell it like it is, whether you wanna hear it or not. I am quiet, but outspoken when I need to be..which is most of the time..I can make you look stupid in two seconds, tho sometimes I don't mean to :/..Well, wanna know more? Ask in a message :)


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