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Hey pretty people who visit ME page^^ I'm Kirstin (a.k.a. Teddy Bear) and taken by the love of my life, MAXY. IMPORTANT PPL:MAXY,MARIE,STEPH,KYLEE,LILLY,LILLY(another one), LILLEE, AND SABRINA, AND AMANDA!!!

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Feb 26 2009 1:33AM
I luff My new Sexy BOi Fran!!!!! he's sexy. he's a boi. and he's my fran. also my boi fran. so he's my sexy boi fran!
Feb 26 2009 1:32AM
No matter <333
No Matter who we are
No Matter who we've been
I'll love you forever
Till the end of time times ten
No matter what we said
No matter what we did
It will always be you that I love
You'll always be the one person I'll
never dread
Love Forever and Always
It will never die
For the fire that lies in side me
is as bright as the sunset sky
Feb 26 2009 1:31AM
A friend and a best friend
A FRIEND would let you borrow her umbrella in the rain.
But a BEST FRIEND would take yours and say,
Run b**** Run!!
A FRIEND would not fight over a pair of shoes that she actually saw first.
A BEST FRIEND would b**** slap you into the next mall saying "I FOUND THESE ****ING SHOES FIRST!"
A FRIEND would not take credit for the project you were supposed to do together but instead spent all of your time texting.
A BEST FRIEND would take all the credit even if the project wasn't finished and stick her tounge out at you.
Feb 26 2009 1:27AM
Is the slurp!!!!!(MY NEW WORD) He is jiggly pudding ^.^ I gave him muffin too! And then I gave him cake but I smushed it on his face. Poor cake-faced Maxy. May he Rest In Frosting.(R.I.F.)
Feb 26 2009 1:27AM
Love is like....
Love is like a bird,
It can leave you at any
moment of any day of
any week of any month
of any year. And the worst
part is, you can't stop it
And it hurts, and it breaks
you down until your nothing
Until your life isn't worth living
Until your life isn't even worth
taking. But somebody will take
it anyway. To look back 40 years
from now and be able to say,"I murdered
that b****/bastard" Is that why they take
your life? Or is it because death is the easy
way out. Because your worthless. Until
you want death. It's what makes you happy
And when you loose the ability to love,
life means nothing. Without your life,
you really are nothing. And as every sun
rises and as every sun sets, as every moon
appears from the dark night sky,
Nobody knows that a life has been ended,
Nobody will care.
Feb 26 2009 1:26AM
~♥~L-O-V-E ~♥~
I love you
I truly do
And I want
It to always
Be just me
And you
When it's
just me
and you
I never feel
out of place
I never feel like
I'm wearing two
Different shoe
laces ^^
You make me
So happy that
I start to cry
You make me
So angry
Yet I don't
Know how to
Say goodbye
And at other
Times, you
Make me so
Damn confused
I can't think straight,
And I can't even choose
Which road to take
Which path to walk
But it will always be you,
That I love the most. <3
♥~Teddy Bear~♥
Feb 26 2009 1:26AM
Forever <3
For as long as I live,
For as long as I breathe,
You'll always be the one,
You'll always be what I need,
And when the day comes to an end,
And the bright sky fades away,
It will always be you that keeps me from driving away,
No matter how many times I try to figure out how you do it,
You just say,"It's just you and me, there's nothing else to it",
And as we drive away together, I look back at the moon and pray that
life with always be this simple forever,
Just you and me, How it should be
♥~Teddy Bear~♥


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