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Apr 7 2009 8:08PM
Answe B****!
[] Push me into a wall and kiss me?
[] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill?
[] Slap Me?
[] Slap me if i asked you to?
[] Kiss Me?
[] Let Me Kiss You?
[] Watch A Movie With Me?
[] Take Me Home For The Night?
[] Take Me With You?
[] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions?
[] Let Me Make You Breakfast?
[] Make me breakfast?
[] Stick Up For Me if I Was Being Put Down?
[] Instant Message Me?
[] Greet Me In Public?
[] Hang Out With Me?
[] Bring Me Around Your Friends?
[] Fall in love with me?
[] Like me?
[] Love me?
[] Go out with me?

Do You...
[] Miss Me?
[] Think I'm Cute?
[] Think I'm Hot?
[] Think I'm Ok?
[] Think I'm Ugly?
[] Want To Kiss Me?
[] Want To Cuddle With Me?
[] Want To Date Me?

Am I...
[] Smart?
[] Funny?
[] Cool?
[] Loveable?
[] Adorable?
[] Great To Be With?
[] Attractive?
[] Mean?
[] Ugly?
[] Gorgeous?

Have You Ever...
[] Thought About Hooking Up With Me?
[] Found Yourself Wanting To Kiss Me ?
[] Wished I Were There?
[] Had A Crush On Me?
[] Wanted My Number?
[] Had A Dream About Me?
[] Been Distracted By Me?

Are You...
[] Happy You Know Me?
[] Thinking About Me
[] my friend?


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Jun 17 2009 1:54AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXXII!!!! Lolz I love yuh!
May 27 2009 2:09PM

awe im sorry hun :/
it'll be okay
May 26 2009 11:11PM

Max, I didn't dump you. I was upset because you hadn't been on in FOREVER and the one day you finally DO get on, you don't message all. I felt like you wanted to end our relationship by not talking to me ever again.
I love you too Maxy
May 26 2009 10:03PM

Awwwwz Maxxi are yuh okeyz sweety? Plz message me or get on new chat if yuh want to talk okeyz?
May 26 2009 11:51AM

maxy dont go :(
May 19 2009 11:12PM

=D!!! Yay!!! ur on *jumps on yuh* lolz
May 16 2009 6:15PM

Awwz maxxy i misses yuh! yur sexxi butt needs to get on!
Cierra <3
Apr 24 2009 2:46PM

thanks for da add XD
Apr 24 2009 1:06AM

Good nighty Lattty :]
Apr 24 2009 12:10AM

Awww I luff Chur Blog Hun :)
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