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I'm Peter Pan, and I don't wanna grow up So it's a good thing that I have a plan I'm gonna rescue all the pretty girls Escape from crocodiles and battle a pirate with a hook for a hand.(:

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May 24 2010 4:08PM
Doctor Doctor.
Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, Mended hearts and broken bones, It's nothing more, but sticks and stones, And words will never hurt me.
May 24 2010 3:59PM
Shakke it..(:
Were on the bed but your clothes are layin' right there..(:
May 24 2010 12:25PM
Bailee Alan Sims.
Heyyo, I'm Bailee if you can't tell. Considering it's my username, but these stupid people ask what my name is. So, I'm Mary Poppins, and i like to fly my umbrella and sing songs.(: I'm 15, wait no, 72. I'm so gay and i don't even like boys. -Katy Perry. I am future Backstreetboy. I could live off Ramon noodles and V8 juice. I love music, all kinds. Doctor Doctor -Amy Can Flyy.<3 I'm single, loner. I'm straight as that sidewalk. [: I have a sister, Abby.Bangs.You is her username. [bxtch]. Jaykay! xD I'd like to bang you in my closest. Shhh! I didn't say that. I'll be your sunset -A Rocket To The Moon. I play piano, and guitar. I can sing a little. I don't much though. I'm in a basement band with a couple of my friends, Alfie, Bengi, Benoy, and Jamie. I am smart..-ish. Just don't ask me a math question. xP I love everyone, take a happy pill. JAYKAY you faggot. -.- Well, message me?
May 24 2010 10:50AM
Be jealous, We're Ah-Fucckin-Mazing.
Mykal's my Hoeee(:
&I'm Her Pimp(:
May 24 2010 10:29AM
I want it that way..(:
Futuree Backstreet Boyyy(:
May 24 2010 12:18AM
I want to stab mr.Rollback.
May 20 2010 11:39PM
^Sadly, Yes thats my sister.
May 18 2010 2:45PM
This kid is ****ing amazing.!
May 18 2010 1:19PM
Aye' Bxtch,Suck this.
Hey Hey Hey Hey, I am Bailee Basically. My last names Sims. <--Don't forget it. [: I'm 72 years old, aha. I am straight as that sidewalk. [insider] :D
So Babycakes, wanna go to my place?
Bang bang choo choo train. idk.
I should be punished../:
Ask me some stuff BayyBayy?


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May 24 2010 3:59PM

I would watch[;
May 24 2010 2:20PM

-_- You told me not to...
But she leads me on..
It's not fair!D:
It IS fun tho[;
May 24 2010 2:07PM

Nice one babe!
&&I'm doinn what I'm always doinn..
Your mom[;
May 24 2010 1:51PM

What in the Ramon Noodles are you doinn?
May 24 2010 12:39PM

Yo' pimp Bailee[;
May 24 2010 10:17AM

Lol; You're very special(:
You're not that odd, dear.
May 18 2010 2:11PM

i still wanna meet your friend! [;
May 18 2010 1:55PM

this kid;
or should i say old man,
is pree' amazing.
just sayin'.
and a cutie^^
May 18 2010 1:53PM

First comment.
How special am I?
-steals comment virginity-
Thanks BUNCHIES for the add(:
Your pretty unbelievable kid(;

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