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Angels and Hello Kitty St, United States
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Hello my name is Daniela my fav color is yellow and I love The Angels there the best Gooooooooooooooo Angels!!!!!!!!!!!! Im abig fan of Hello Kitty baseball is my fav sport if u have things in common plz add me as ur friend and send me messeges.

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Jun 13 2008 1:03PM
I luv birds
any type all the birds ducks parrakeets and more
Jun 13 2008 12:53PM
I luv Fammily guy and MTV
there the best
Jun 13 2008 12:48PM
Jonas Brothers Rule
I love the jonas brothers there music rulez who is ur fav jo bro nick joe or kevin write bak
Jun 5 2008 6:19PM
were do u buy ur clothes
wer do u buy ur clothes which store ? plz write back
Jun 2 2008 7:51PM
wats ur fav baseball team
plz write back
Jun 2 2008 7:23PM
peace out wats up my hommies
peace out is a way 2 say bye

wats up my hommies tats how i sult or say hi LOL 8)
Jun 1 2008 2:29PM
wats luv at first sight
wats luv at first sight when u see aperfect girl or boy tat u cant get eyes of them . Someone who has a few things in common with u. somone who has ur back.Someone who is totally funny.Tats luv at first sight my friends.
Apr 23 2008 7:21PM
Angels Baseball and hello kitty
Angels r the bet in the whole world they play better then any team Hello kitty rulz she is anime i luv her shes the best if u like hello kitty as well plz tell me to talk about her


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chocolate master
Aug 13 2008 9:02PM

Hey Danny wats up! Send me a comment.?
chocolate master
Jun 2 2008 3:47PM

Wats up? :)

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