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"NELLZ, UU ARE JUST AMAZIN" Yall boii fraans love diss. Dont Hate. ♥Barbie☆™«╝*. .Chennie ♥..amazin', narley, CRAZY. ii don't do love. I just have playmates! :) Im Bi- Take it or leave it. "SHE SAID SHE LOVES THA TASTE OF MY PUSSY"Birthday Sex? Feb 17.
Facebook (: Ask.. Never on MFG N.EMoe ):

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Jul 9 2010 10:09AM
Get at me on facebook, nevaa myspace, or aim. Oovoo soon (:
Jul 5 2010 1:49PM
John <3 [{=
offically daa illiest. ii love him widd all of my heart n soon ii wanna make his baby.
Honestly, he changed me to be a better girl. iiont really call dudes noo more, ii just have buddies.
ii wanna start a new life widd him. promise that we'll work. my #1 husbanddd [:
Chanel Melendaz <3333
Mar 26 2010 4:36PM
Guys get mad at meeh because iiont date deem, then chicks get tight cause im out wif dere maayne. (: haha. it don't bother me though. I'm too nice to say something about it L=
Jan 15 2010 6:27PM
Meeh Besstie.♥
Meeh besstie is Tamar. Love daaht guy (:


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Sep 10 2010 8:28PM

miss u get at me wen u get back on ur boy jonathan
Apr 26 2010 10:04AM

Ughh Gha! Ima Get Mad At Yhu Soon!
Where Yah Been At?? Sittin Hurr All Dead Lmao!
Well Uhmm Angel Misses Yah!:) Talk To Yhu Laterr:)
AngelKayy yO!;)
Mar 29 2010 12:39PM


JOhn $
baby D
Feb 27 2010 8:20PM

ey she didnt brake up wit meh becuz i was too young
she broke up wit meh cuz she was cheatin on meh!!!!
Feb 25 2010 1:15PM

How Was Your B-Day Gurl?? LoL I Hope It Was Alright:) LoL Anyways Uhmm I Got Nothing To Say But I Love You:) Thanks For EVERYTHING..You Stuck By Me Through All The BullSheeit:) LoL Thanks:) Gottah Go!! Take Care Alright?? Byee:)
baby D
Feb 17 2010 7:18PM

happy bday bayy bayy lolz
i wuvvv u sis
Da king Blaze
Feb 17 2010 5:25PM

happy kake day babe <33333
Feb 17 2010 4:22PM

Happy bday girl
Feb 17 2010 3:18PM

happy b day
Feb 17 2010 9:31AM

Hayy Chennie!:) LoL Juss Wanted To Say Happy Birthday:) LoL Have A Good One Alright?? Haha And Plus Showing Some Loveee:) Angel Loves Yah Gha!:)
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