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if love were a person i would punch it in the face then stab it with a fire poker then push it down a hole to die >:[

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Jul 18 2012 12:59AM
i just watched Dead Silence.. it was aight
Jul 17 2012 11:27AM
Apr 21 2012 11:04PM
so me n my cuz went to the mall todayy i got some necklaces n some headphones :D even though i already have headphones.it doesnt hurt to have more then 1 pair rite?
Apr 3 2012 8:33PM
just something stupid i wrote
The sensual feeling of her hot breath against my skin,i breathe her in.Her hands caress my body,like the fingertips of an angel dancing across silky fabrics.Her bittersweet kiss,gentle upon my lips. Her taste…elegance and divinity.In her arms i lay hoping that this love will never fade away.forever we will be...but only in my dreams
Apr 3 2012 8:26PM
ok so this weekend i went to tennessee and i went to the aquarium and went hikin in the mountains and went shopping but my fave part was goin to the park where they had a mini rollercoaster and other rides,and n arcade,n 8 gokart tracks but i got in trouble on those b/c ur not supposed to drive aggressively or hit other people(i disobeyed those rules) and i caused alot of crashes and yelling xD but it was worth it
Mar 25 2012 2:33AM
omg i think i might b in love again. i hope i dont get hurt..again
Mar 24 2012 4:17PM
ok u kno wat here it is
Its called Her Sexual Desires:

Girl you lookin good,you gotta pretty face. The way yo body movin make me wanna get a taste.

Baby put it on me, make me scream and **** me. And don’t you ever stop, cuz im feelin good, oh baby like i should.

Make dat ***** pop, den put me up on top. Let me screw yo brains out, i wanna hear you scream and shout.

Cum all on da bed, then imma give you head. Girl you taste so sweet, yo *****’s candy, its a treat.

Moanin and groanin,baby dats wat u doin..

But now we gotta stop, class is in session. Question numba one, how’d ya like my lesson?
Mar 24 2012 3:28PM
i wrote a rap
well i wrote a rap but its kinda explicit and if u wanna hear it PM me.. dont say i didnt warn u about it.It revolves around girl-on-girl action :P
Feb 25 2012 11:13AM
i feel miserable im sickk =( i need comfortingg..
Jan 14 2012 8:34AM
waaahhh nobody wished me happy birthday on the 11th. oh well blah blah blah now im 15


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Jul 17 2012 8:52PM

i love u babe
Jul 17 2012 3:25PM

:)) yay hey
Jul 17 2012 3:25PM

:)) yay hey
Jun 11 2012 2:35AM

omg get on and when yuh do tlk to be i love you and i miss you. did you know tht your my first friend i added tht i can remember? well its pretty much true. youve been my friend since 7/9/11
Jun 10 2012 2:28AM

hey babe i love and miss u soo much if only u were on right now...!
Jun 6 2012 7:10PM

damn u was on but i missed you! i just got back from galveston, texas there was too much seaweed so we had to leave
Apr 21 2012 4:30PM

i love yew babe<3
Mar 25 2012 6:23PM

Feb 25 2012 12:40PM

x3 lol
Feb 12 2012 4:43PM

hell yeah baby gurl(;
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